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Why I Liked Senator Obama’s Speech On Race

Here are the reasons I liked Senator Barack Obama’s recent speech on race—

1. By correctly refusing to disown Pastor Jeremiah Wright, Mr. Obama showed loyalty.  

2. By speaking at length about the good points and bad points of the black church, Mr. Obama acknowledged the basic humanity and complexity of the average person.

3. By addressing the historical experience of both blacks and whites in the United States, Senator Obama asked us to consider context. This is something increasingly rare in our fragmented quick-paced society. Yet context is a starting point of seeing the lives of others in a humane and caring way.

4. By speaking in a reasonably forthright manner about a difficult subject, Mr. Obama respected the intelligence of the average voter.    

5. By offering the opportunity to move past divisive racial concerns in the 2008 Election, Senator Obama offered voters a positive choice.   

Here is a good USA Today story on the speech.—(No, you don’t need to read the 11,821 comments so far made about the story.) 

Here is the complete transcript of the speech.

Here is the Obama campaign web page.  

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  1. Barack Obama gave a good speech on race, but it’s being argued that it was designed to distract attention from much more damaging non-racial aspects of his THEOLOGY. See:

    Comment by Christian Prophet | March 20, 2008

  2. Wow—A Christian prophet at my little blog!

    Comment by Neil Aquino | March 20, 2008

  3. wrights comments are bullshit and hateful and typical of a christian who is supposed to teach love and instead teaches hate. we have so much hate in this world and the religious right is the driver of it all and the extremist of every religion. the regular normal religious people need to get their god out of the hands of these drooling hatemongers. i dont think obama feels the way wright does, i hope not.

    Comment by bill brady | March 21, 2008

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