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Texas Nominating Caucus Requires Hat, Book & Loud Bell—I Hope Caucus Is Full Of Trouble

In half-an-hour I’ll leave to go the Texas Democratic caucus to help select delegates not allocated in the popular primary today. 

Here is more about this process

I’m not sure how the church I voted in this morning will have enough parking.

I’m going to wear a hat this evening such as we see here on General De Gaulle’s head.

It’s called a kepi.

If anyone asks me why I am wearing this hat I will tell them to get the hell away from me.

Will I also wear the uniform?


I’ll also bring a book to the caucus. I figure it is going to go on for hours and I might need a distraction.

Here is the book I’ll be reading–


Book with words make my head hurt.

I’ve heard that some of the campaigns are encouraging supporters to be aggressive in gaining the tactical upper-hand at these caucuses. Along these lines, I am bringing this bell to get attention.


I hope the caucus is fun. I hope it is disorganized and contentious. Short of violence, I hope it is full of trouble and disagreement.

That’s democracy for you.

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  1. I urge you to vote for a less statist candidate than De Gaulle would have. Ha


    Comment by jposty | March 5, 2008

  2. I urge you to post a picture of yourself in the kepi. Preferably holding the bell.

    Comment by Brendan | March 5, 2008

  3. Thanks for taking care of our rights in the Ps and Qs in Texas. Huck is out now. Yeah! Can I rant a bit about his speech? I’m shocked and disappointed that Huckabee would take money from struggling, hard-working Americans in order to fund his campaign. He said in his drop-out speech that it was…”the sacrifices of a truck driver in Michigan, of a housewife who sold her wedding ring on eBay and gave the contribution to the campaign, a janitor in Alabama who has a wife in a wheelchair who gave $20, not out of his abundance, but out of his poverty, so that our campaign could stay on the track.” In a bad economy, why would someone running for President take their money to fund a campaign that was clearly going to be fruitless? What would become of the economy if selfish Huckabee were President?

    Comment by jos76 | March 5, 2008

  4. Neil–

    How did the caucus go in your neck of the woods? Last night, I was pleased to have been part of Pct. 125’s caucus, which was disorderly and chaotic. But, I enjoyed every minute. I shook hands with voters from the other side, mingled with my own group and even made eight converts. I also volunteered my services to caucus these folks (our precinct capt. didn’t know what he was doing, literally, and so I sort of took matters into my own hands with a leader from the other side), and we had it done in three hours. While in discord, it was memorable. I almost wish we caucused every primary.

    Comment by Brandon | March 5, 2008

  5. jposty–I like De Gaulle! He had a sense of the absurd.

    Brendan—Are you doubting me? I did these things. I don’t need any damn pictues to prove it.

    Jos–I felt Huckabee could have run as a “message candidate” all the way to the convention. His results were as good as Jesse Jackson or Pat Buchanan in past races. He had earned the right to go on regardless of his chances of winning.

    That said,he was indeed awful.

    Brandon–Just made a post on my caucus. Everybody got along.

    Thanks for all these comments.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | March 5, 2008

  6. No one is doubting you it would just be fun to see you with the hat and bell. i think it lightens the process and engages people to have fun in the caucus. i am sure when they came up with it they were drunk and trying to not take everything so serious though its a very serious thing. the picking of our next leader is determined by hats and bells and not drug testing or breathalizers before. I could imagine when i was 19 if i had gone to a caucus like this i would have been drunk and eaten many mushrooms. it would have been fun. the regan era made me a angry teen no doubt.

    Comment by bill brady | March 8, 2008

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