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Presidential Candidates Respond To My Question On What Books They Have Read

The Houston Chronicle asked its reader bloggers to submit question to the remaining presidential candidates. One of the questions I asked was what were the last three book the canidates had read. Here are the answers as reported by Chronicle columnist Clay Robison—   

“In case you were wondering, presidential candidates — some of them, anyway — find time to read something other than news clips.

Republican Mike Huckabee didn’t respond when asked by a newspaper reader, Neil Aquino of Houston, to list the last three books he has read.

But Republican John McCain said he had recently reread A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway and read, presumably for the first time, The Age of Turbulence by former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and the Spirit of Churchill by Deborah Davis Brezina.

Clinton listed Ike: An American Hero by Michael Korda, The Bourne Betrayal by Robert Ludlum and The Appeal by John Grisham.

“My 9-year-old, Malia, and I read all the Harry Potter books together,” Obama said.”

A few comments–Does Mike Huckabee not read? I’m resistant to generalizations that evangelicals don’t read, but Mr. Huckabee walked into that idea with his reply.

It’s no surprise Senator McCain listed a Winston Churchill book. He’ll see himself as the last holdout for Anglo manhood no matter if he faces Senator Clinton or Senator Obama.

John Grisham is on the record as a supporter of Mrs. Clinton. So they are helping each other out a liitle bit.

I really don’t believe Senator Obama has had the time lately to sit and read those huge Harry Potter books.      

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