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In Addition To Ballot Access Troubles, Linda Yanez Offers Nothing For League Of Women Voters Guide

I have the League of Women Voter’s of the Houston Area guide for the Texas primary.

I picked it up at my local supermarket.

You can also click here to see what it says. It’s the red lettering that says Voter Guide March 2008 in the box to the left.

I see that Supreme Court candidate Linda Yanez did not respond for inclusion to the guide.

This seems a pattern with her problems in securing ballot access for the primary.

I’ve written a post saying that a vote for either Judge Yanez or Judge Susan Criss would make sense in the primary.

But I sure do wonder now about the basic competence of the Yanez campaign.

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Dale Henry For Texas Railroad Commission

I’m going to vote for Dale Henry for Texas Railroad Commissioner in the March 4 Democratic primary.

Update—Mr. Henry is now in the runoff for this position. His opponent is Mark Thompson. Mr. Thompson was a very surprising first place finisher on March 4.  But he did not reach the 50% needed to avoid a runoff. Mr. Thompson has not voted since 1996. And in that year he voted in the Republican primary. My endorsement of Mr. Henry stands and I ask that you please click here to review his campaign web page. 

Mr Henry is running against Art Hall of San Antonio.

I’ve spent the last half hour studying this matter.  

Bottom line—

Mr. Henry is more knowledgeable on issues relating to the Texas Railroad Commission.

Mr. Hall may prove to be the stronger candidate. 

You could go around forever on this stuff. There is no clear call.

I don’t know anything about pipelines and saltwater injection wells.

This is what the commission is involved with–Not railroads. Please click here to see the purpose of the Texas Railroad Commission.

Mr. Henry lists these saltwater injection wells as a leading issue.

My thought was–What the hell is that?

Here is some information about what these wells are.  

Here is the web page for Mr. Henry. 

Here is the web page for Mr. Hall.

 I see that Mr. Hall is a member of the board of the Alamo Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

Has Mr. Hall done anything in that position to encourage the Boy Scouts to end the bigoted position of not allowing gay kids to join?   

No doubt Mr. Hall can come up to speed on policy if elected. Though Mr. Henry does seem well-informed.  It’s just that I as I looked at these two men this morning, I felt Mr. Hall is the type who racks up insider endorsements and connections.

I’m sure Mr. Hall has strong beliefs on many subjects, but in the end his North Star may prove to be his connections and his ambitions.  

If Mr. Hall wins the primary, I’ll vote for him in November.

Next Tuesday however, I’ll for vote for insight and experience offered by Dale Henry.

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