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Obama Ads During That ’70’s Show Reruns Further Cement My Support


There were maybe seven or eight Obama for President ads for the Texas primary during the That 70’s Show reruns I watched last night.

This was between 11 PM and midnight.

No Hillary ads.

Mrs. Clinton had no interest in subsidizing my entertainment by buying an ad during one of my favorite programs.

It seems clear who wants my vote and who does not care.

I have a right to be entertained.

What did the Obama ads say?

I don’t know. I don’t pay much attention to commercials.

I just know they were on and that they were for a candidate I like during a show I like. 

Think about this stuff all the time and you’ll lose your mind.   

Please click this link for the Obama campaign.

Here is the link for That ’70’s Show. 

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I Went To A Political Fundraiser This Evening

I went to a political fundraiser here in Houston this evening.

That’s something I rarely do.

This will shock you—But sometimes people at political fundraisers want something.


They want access and favors.


I was involved in politics for 8 years in Cincinnati, but I retain few relationships from my time spent in politics.

I don’t find always find political conversation interesting and I was never fully comfortable around the kind of people you meet in politics.       

Much political conversation is transient. You talk about things that are stale within days or even hours of the discussion.

You have enough of these conversations and you find you’ve used up all your time. 

The grave will be waiting to claim you.

( Look at this gravedigger below. He does not care who he is burying.)  

Politics is a trade very much invested in the here-and-now.

I do better with the past.

Without context we hardly exist.

(Please click here for Texas Liberal political history posts. I’ve only just begun these posts for the 2008 campaign.) 

I went to this fundraiser because I’ve become friends with the candidate.

She is an officeholder here in Harris County, Texas.

The event was held at a restaurant bar.

(Below is a picture of the establishment.)


 I found a corner, sat down and took out a magazine.

Talk to people?


Here’s what I was reading—

My friend spotted me and we talked for a few minutes.

Mission accomplished.

I went home.

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Decide What In Life You Have The Ability And The Resources To Influence

Decide on what sphere–narrow or broad–you can influence with your knowledge and beliefs.  

You may be able to make the difference among a few friends, with family, within a neighborhood or city, or for the entire country or world.

Determine the trade-offs and the extent of your abilities, ambition, resources and time.  

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