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I Kept Waiting For Debate On CNN—Got Larry King & Valerie Bertinelli Instead

I was pretty sure there was a debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama this evening.

I got home from work around 7:30 and put on CNN.

No debate was on.

The wife was late because she had a work-related event to attend.

(Yeah–Another office toga party for the wife.) 

I was all by myself.

I made a bowl of cream of mushroom soup for dinner.

(Here is link to American Mushroom Institute)

I sat at the computer pissing away more of my life working on this blog.

The computer and the TV are in separate rooms.

I figured the debate would come on at 8.

Instead, Larry King came on with an interview of Valerie Bertinelli.

I thought to myself—“Is the debate on some other channel? Do I have to get up and flip channels?”

I did get up–But only to get a Hostess Cupcake I had bought on a 59 cent special offer. I think I had to buy a 140 ounce slushy to get such a good deal on the cupcakes.

I was still convinced a debate was on tonight.

I thought about how many debates have already been held and how I did not really need to see another one.

I picked up a book and ate my cupcake.

The debate was on MSNBC as it turned out.

As much as you may care about politics, can you really watch all this crap day-after-day? I can’t.

It’s a campaign/entertainment industry. 

Did you know the spray from waves can make a rainbow?


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Photo Of Plainfield, Vermont Town Hall—Where The People Of Plainfield Vote

Above is a picture of the Town Hall in Plainfield, Vermont. This is where my Cousin Kim will be voting in the Vermont primary next week.  

Kim took the photo.

Look at that building–Right out of a movie studio. 

Here is a history of Plainfield, Vermont.

The 2000 population of Plainfield was 1286.

Here are some facts about Plainfield.

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