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Tugboat Photos/Aristotle’s Golden Mean

Here is a picture of a little tugboat—


Here is a picture of a big tugboat—


Somewhere in-between the size of these two tugboats is Aristotle’s Concept of the Golden Mean as described below–

 Aristotle's Concept of the Golden Mean
-- Defect -- BALANCE + Excess +
cowardice COURAGE rashness
stinginess LIBERALITY extravangance
sloth AMBITION greed
humility MODESTY pride
secrecy HONESTY loquacity
moroseness GOOD HUMOR buffoonery
quarrelsomeness  FRIENDSHIP flattery
self-indulgence TEMPERANCE insensibility
apathy EQUANIMITY irascibility
Hamlet’s Indecisiveness  Atticus’ SELF CONTROL Don Quixote’s Impulsiveness

Here is an introduction to Aristotle. 

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Last Night I Listened To Pete Shelley’s Homosapien

Last night I listened to Homosapien by Pete Shelley.

I enjoy the title track of this album.

Pete Shelley is the singer for the Buzzcocks. The album I was listening to last night was a solo release by Mr. Shelley.

Here is the link for the Buzzcocks.

Here is what it says about this song in Rip It Up And Start Again–Postpunk 1978-1984 by Simon Reynolds—

“…. a transitional hybrid of guitar based New Wave and electropop, heard at its best on the superb single Homosapien. Released in August 1981, “Homosapien” was a coded coming-out for Shelley. The single’s innuendos—the fruity way Shelley enunciated “homosapien,” plus couplets like “homo superior/my interior”–provoked an unofficial ban on Radio One.” 

Here is a link for Pete Shelley.

Here is the link to the BBC’s Radio One

Do I listen to anything recorded in the last 20 years?

I do buy releases by Interpol as well as by the Chemical Brothers.

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Ideology is Essential To Democracy

Ideology is essential to democracy. There must be competing ideas for people to choose between. 

However, ideologies should not be adhered to so rigidly as to prevent action.

Strict adherence to an ideology makes one incoherent and unlikeable.

At their best, ideologies provide a loose but solid and necessary framework for seeing the world.    

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