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Should Broken-Down Cars On Highway Shoulder Be Destroyed By Use Of Laser Weapons Or Missiles?

The U.S. Government recently tested its space warfare capabilities by shooting down a failing satellite.

We’re tough!

Why stop there?

In Houston we have a Safe Clear program. This means cars stalled out by the side of the highway are towed away rather than allowed to remain on the shoulder of the road.

Why don’t we instead destroy these cars with laser weapons or missiles?

People could call a number and report that their car no longer runs.

People with cars to be removed by laser weapons would be asked to stand 15 feet away from the vehicle. The use of missiles would require people to stand at least 25 feet away.

 The lasers could be space-based and outsourced—Such as we see here with these Klingons. 

Or ground-based individual private contractors could be used such as demonstrated here—-


Or the city could add vehicles such as this one below to the municipal fleet.

Think how quickly this aggressive policy would remove dangerous vehicles from our roadways.

And maybe best of all—No more tow trucks racing past you at 90 mph to nail the next sucker for $300.

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Some Observations About Houston Obama Rally


As I mentioned earlier this week, I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Barack Obama rally held in Houston on Tuesday, 2/19.

( Photo is of sunset as I waited outside in line.)

Here are some facts and observations about this event.

It was held in the Downtown basketball arena used by the Houston Rockets. Nearly every seat in the house was full. Concession stands were open and people were having hot dogs and beer just like at the basketball game.

The crowd estimate I read was 19,000 people.

The line to get in the arena was long. It took me maybe 75 minutes to get inside. Many waited much longer. I saw maybe 20 people in the line reading a book or a magazine.

A rough guess would be that maybe 60% of the crowd was black. I saw a number of older black men wearing suits and ties. 

I saw a number of mixed race couples.

I felt there was a greater racial diversity among the younger people at the rally. But there people of all colors and all ages in attendance.

It is amazing to consider that Houston was a segregated city 45 years ago.

A warm-up band played disco and funk as well as songs sung in Spanish.

Rarely at events such as this, we were spared speeches by local politicians.

Still, the wait for Mr. Obama was long. I got inside around 6:15. I’d say Mr. Obama began speaking around 8:30.

The crowd was very good natured. This is what I took home from the rally. It was a happy group of people.

I had a book, but I called people instead. I called people all across America. Some people I called three or four times.

I’d say–”Hey, I’m at the Obama rally!”

A woman sitting near me kept trying to get folks to start the wave. The three young ladies behind me laughed a lot.

Finally, Senator Obama came on.

One of the first things Mr. Obama said was that he had won in Wisconsin.

This made the people even more happy.

Mr. Obama’s speech went on for some time. It ran a bit long.

That was okay though—He worked in both the policy stuff and the inspirational stuff.

The rally was fun and also had substance.

I feel that solid policy ideas were discussed. I agree that it does not hurt to talk to Iran. We do indeed need plans to help people pay for college.  The Bush tax cuts should be allowed to expire.

More to the point, the multiracial and friendly crowd Senator Obama attracted represented a possible American future that was hopeful and decent.

What a contrast from the war and exclusion we have seen over the past 8 years.

Here is the link for Obama in Texas.

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