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Observations On Clinton/Obama Debate

Welcome to Texas Liberal live blogging of the Texas Primary debate between Barack Obama of Illinois and Hillary Clinton of New York.

Above is a photo of Stephen Douglas of Illinois of the famous Lincoln–Douglas Debate of 1858.     

7:05 PM—Mrs. Clinton mentions the great Barbara Jordan.

7:10 PM–Senator Obama correctly points out what a waste of resources the War in Iraq has been, though does not mention that Mrs. Clinton voted for the war.  This great web page discusses the obscene cost of the Iraq War.

7:18 PM–In a question about Cuba, Senator Obama says it does not hurt to talk to people.

He’s right. What does it hurt to talk?

7:22 PM—Everybody likes to mention John Kennedy.

7:25 PM–Senator Obama mentions shipping out jobs to other nations. But maybe it is time for India and China to live the kind of lives we have lived here for many years. What about scaling back our lives to some degree as the world changes?

7:30 PM–Mrs. Clinton discusses aggressive government regulation to address the housing crisis.

Good for her! People like government a lot better when it is doing something for them. Government has a role in people’s lives.

7:35 PM–Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama both right on immigration. Find a path to citizenship for these folks.  

7:41 PM– Mrs. Clinton and Senator Obama both right again. Border fence a bad idea. How can you police and fence all of the border? Sensible policy ideas would work much better.

7:49 PM—Commercial Break–No reason not to profit off democracy.

7:53 PM—Question about how civil this debate has been in contrast to rough words spoken in past.

Mrs. Clinton works a few jabs in.   

8:00 PM– Senator Clinton denigrates the idea that words matter and that hope matters.  

8:05 PM–Senator Clinton fails to mention that her health care effort helped lead to the 1994 Republican takeover of Congress and all the years of damage that takeover caused.

8:09 PM–Another commercial. The TV and the computer are in different rooms and I have not seen any of the debate. Just hearing it. Here is a picture of my TV—

8:14 PM—Obama wrong on health insurance. Everybody has to have it.  

8:19 PM–Mrs. Clinton mentions Kosovo. Learn about this new nation with this BBC link.

8:23 PM–Aggressive bellicose John McCain said we might be in Iraq for 100 years more and also joked about bombing Iran.  

8:27 PM—Mrs. Clinton mentions Brownsville. Here is my favorite Brownsville blog—Bloggin’ All Things Brownsville.

8:33 PM—Question about earmarks. Earmarks are often good. They create jobs and help local areas complete needed projects. 

Mr. Obama says that many earmarks are good.   

8:39 PM—Mrs. Clinton refuses to say she will not allow so-called superdelegates to decide the nomination. 

8: 45 PM–Senator Obama and Mrs. Clinton mention all the hard times they have had in life.  

Mr. Obama was raised by a single mom.

Mrs. Clinton mentions, indirectly, her cheating husband.

Debate over.

Now nothing to watch until rerun of That ’70’s Show at 11.

I thought these candidates had pledged they would entertain me 24 hours a day.

What do I do now?   

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