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Imagination Is At The Core Of Liberal Politics—The Specialist Should Work For The Generalist

Imagination and hope are at the core of liberal politics.

To work for a better future you need first to imagine that better future.

This is why I find the message and the campaign of Barack Obama to be of substance.

While I believe that Senator Obama is discussing specific issues, the bottom line is that policy experts can always be hired.

In politics, the specialist should work for the generalist. 

Politics is about policy. But it also about representation, choosing sides, and a vision of the future.

Senator Obama represents a future I want to be part of.

Don’t shy away from voting your hopes.

Don’t let people tell you that imagination lacks substance.

Hope and imagination are things we should never allow anybody to denigrate. They are among the best aspects of our humanity.

Here is the link to the Obama campaign.   

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Obama With An Advantage On The Ground In Houston And Cincinnati

Hillary Clinton opened a campaign office in Houston only two days ago.

The Barack Obama office in Houston has been open for at least 10 days.

Also, confirming what one of my many Cincinnati sources told me this morning, there is an Obama office in Cincinnati while there is not yet a Clinton office in that city.

Looks like Mr. Obama may have the advantage on the ground in the big March 4 primary states of Texas and Ohio.    

Here is Ohio information for Obama.

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Picture From Obama Rally In Houston This Evening

Took this picture from up in the cheap seats at the Obama rally tonight.

It was a big friendly crowd that was looking forward to a win in the March 4 Texas primary.

Here is the Texas for Obama link.

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