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I’ll Be The One With A Baseball Cap And A Book At The Obama Rally In Houston Today

I’ll be at the Barack Obama rally that starts in about 90 minutes in Houston.

I’ll be wearing an Astro’s cap and I’ll have a book. I’ll be by myself.

The book is America’s Three Regimes–A New Political History by Morton Keller.   

Click here for a positive review of this book.

I’m not fully outgoing, but if you tell me you like my blog I’ll find it in me to have a conversation.

I might even give you a hug.

Though what would be better is if you ask me a question about the book I’m reading.

I do well with those type conversations.

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Japanese Immigrant Poem About Working In Hawaii Canefields


Here is a poem from around 1905 by a Japanese immigrant who had come to Hawaii to work in a sugarcane plantation. (Photo above is of sugarcane in Hawaii.)

Hawaii, Hawaii

Like a dream

So I came

But my tears

Are flowing now

In the canefields.

Here is a history of Japanese immigration to Hawaii.

While the poem tells the story well enough, here is information about working in a sugar plantation in Hawaii.

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I’m Going To See Obama Today, But Best Rally I Ever Attended Was Hope, Heston, Ford & Reagan

Barack Obama will be in Houston today and I’m going to go see him.

He’ll be appearing at the Toyota Center this evening. ( I’m proud to say I twice voted against public funding of the Toyota Center.)  

I’m looking forward to seeing Mr. Obama, but the best political rally I ever attended was a Republican rally in 1980 at the Cincinnati Convention Center. 

In the final week before Election Day, this rally featured Bob Hope, ( Below with Barbara Eden.)

 Charlton Heston,


 Gerald Ford, ( Here with Leonid Brezhnev)


And Ronald Reagan


 I was 13 years old and it was a lot of fun.

Texas Liberal is leading the way in political history blogging in 2008.

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