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1000 Views A Day Last Week—Thank You Blog Reading Public


A goal I set for Texas Liberal this year was to reach 1000 page views a day. I’ve not reached that goal as of yet over the long haul, but I am glad to report that thanks to readers such as yourself, I did last week hit 1000 views a day for a full week’s time.

I have the goal of 1000 and when I hit that target I’ll set a new goal.

I know some folks place more stock in unique visitors when counting blog traffic. I figure if someone comes to your shop and finds more than one thing of interest, then you have done pretty good with that person. 

All the ways that people count blog traffic have both good points and flaws. I just use my WordPress counter which gives me views and not unique visitors.

In any case, regardless of the traffic, it is good to have a forum with which to communicate and I appreciate all visitors to Texas Liberal.

An additional note–This Thursday I’ll be live-blogging the Democratic debate in Austin between Senator Obama and Senator Clinton. I’ll be doing so on this blog and at my space as one of seven featured political bloggers on the Houston Chronicle web page.

The illustration above is of the Ichthyosaur. Here is a good web page with information about this pre-historic sea beast.  

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