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If Animals Could Vote—Crawfish Would Demand To No Longer Be Eaten


(Blogger’s Note—This is the first of an occasional Texas Liberal series called “If Animals Could Vote.”) 

With the Louisiana primary this evening, it is clear what crawfish would demand if they could vote.

(Yes–A crawfish is an animal.)

They would demand to no longer be eaten.

I don’t think we have to be able to read the minds of these creatures to know what they would want.

Yes–I do read their minds. 

Louisiana would be the lead battleground for the crawfish eating issue in the United States.

Given what must their very high numbers in ponds and streams, I think the demands of crawfish –or crayfish as they are also known–would be met.

If they only had the vote.


 Imagine if crawfish had a political party and a graphics staff. They might devise a logo such as this—

I feel all crawfish would rally around this banner.

Below is an Australian yabby crayfish

Here is the scary scientific name it has —Cherax destructor.

(Both the links above are very informative)

What would it demand?

Nothing. It is so happy with the recent defeat of far-right Australian Prime Minister John Howard, it feels there is little more it could ask.

Except not to be eaten!

Below is information about the crayfish from the Australian Museum online— (Maybe if we understand crayfish better, we will be more likely to see their problems) 

Crayfish belong to a group of animals called Crustaceans and are part of the phylum Arthropoda. Other Arthropods are insects (Insecta), spiders (Arachnida), and centipedes and millipedes (Myriapoda). All Arthropods have a hardened outer shell, called cuticle (made from calcium carbonate) that acts as a skeleton. Crustaceans are distinguished from the other arthropods by their two pair of antennae – an outer pair called antennae, and an inner pair called antennules. Crayfish bodies are divided into three parts; the head, the thorax (the section that contains the legs), and the abdomen (or the tail, which is the edible part of many large crustaceans including crayfish, prawns and lobsters). Crayfish, like many crustacean have a carapace or shield which projects backwards from the head and covers all of the thorax The carapace has two functions; firstly it protects the delicate feather-like gills which branch off from the base of the legs, and secondly it provides a water channel that is a constant flow of oxygenated water to pass over the gills and enables the crayfish to breathe.

Here is information about crayfish in North America.

Please visit this blog again for more ” If Animals Could Vote” posts.

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  1. well i thnk that its ok but you need to have more info like what si a group of crayfish called and the answer ect.

    Comment by Natasha | February 13, 2008

  2. Natasha—Please visit your local library for further information. Thanks for the comment.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | February 13, 2008

  3. Dear Texas Liberal,

    or may I just call you Texas? I value highly your ability to sort the wheat from the chaff in the busy world of politics, whilst also speaking Dolittle fashion to many of our fellow passengers from the Ark of Noah. I’m wondering if you know of any animal friends who look forward to being eaten? Let’ hear from those guys if possible, that way I can broaden my ethical shopping patterns.


    Comment by tony ballard | February 18, 2008

  4. Don’t some insects allow themselves to be eaten after mating so as to provide some energy for the baby insects?

    Comment by Neil Aquino | February 19, 2008

  5. Hello, I am the crawfish whisperer. I exchange whispers with crawfish. Particularly the group known as “cherax destructor” (Personal favorite, what can I say?). I’ll tell you what I can say. I can say what they say. Meaning I will repeat what they say or “whisper” to me.
    Recently, I took a poll among a few thousand crawfish. Want to know how they would vote if they could vote? They would like to be eaten in larger quantities and faster. They love being eaten. They think of it like we think of such roller coaster rides as The Tower of Terror and things of that sort. Steve Irwin liked wrestling with dangerous animals and crawfish like being boiled, chewed, and digested.
    They would also like to use this as a banner
    they submitted ideas to me and then we took a vote.
    I’m glad I could clear this up for you. If you would like to ask the crawfish community any more question please let me know and I will ask you for them.
    Sara “Crawfish Whisperer” Perkins,
    Crawfish Ambassador to the United States Government
    Office of Crawfish Affairs

    Comment by Crawfish Whisperer | June 5, 2008

  6. Crawfish Whisperer—I was wondering when you would find your way here.

    Though I am surprised by what you relate about the feelings of crawfish as to beaing eaten.

    Please ask your crawfish comrades how they like to be seasoned.

    Thanks again for the comment.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | June 5, 2008

  7. And now polar bears could face extinction in 50 years. Alarming really.

    The Veterinary

    Comment by Veterinary | June 5, 2008

  8. […] If Animals Could Vote […]

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  9. I would rather see the animals get firearms than have them vote. do you think they are right wing christians or confused democrats(who by the way most of them are christians)?

    Comment by bill brady | June 19, 2008

  10. Lettuce has feelings too what are yall ganna do about not eating plants

    Comment by Anthony | April 17, 2010

  11. I guess we will ask the plants to see what they feel.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | April 20, 2010

  12. LOL give me a brake !

    Comment by marie | January 10, 2011

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