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October 8, 2008— Hello Blog Readers. I wrote this post for the Texas Primary. I’m afraid that for the General Election Mr. Obama is not running a major campaign in Texas. However, you are nice to visit my blog and I invite you to look around. Texas Liberal is the home of the best Martin Luther King Reading & Reference List on the web.   

The Barack Obama campaign is running strong in Texas.  

Here is the link to Texans For Obama.

Here is Houston For Obama. 

Here is the national Obama Campaign.

Barack Obama in Houston for a rally at the Toyota Center on 2/19. 

2/18–A CNN poll has Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton running even in Texas. 

Here is the 2/20 report from the Houston Chronicle about the Obama Rally in Houston last night

The Obama office in Houston is located at 2520 Southmore. The phone is 713-522-5111.

You can go to the Texans for Obama link and see where other offices in Texas are located. 

Michelle Obama will be in Houston on 2/25.

2/24–Interview with Obama in the Dallas Morning News. 

2/24–A USA Today story about support among younger people in Texas for Obama.

2/22 Houston Chronicle article on last night’s debate.

2/21–Poll has candidates even in Texas.

Here is a 2/20 article from the Wall Street Journal about possible Obama gains among Latino voters.  

Here is a 2/20 article from the Austin American-Statesman about Obama fighting for the Texas Hispanic vote.  

This link has the address of the new Obama office in Corpus Christi.

Here is the 2/18 Corpus Christi Caller-Times endorsement of Obama.

Here is Obama Dallas.

Here is Austin For Obama.

Here is Amigos de Obama.

Here is information about the 2/16 opening of the Texas office for Obama in Austin.  

Here is information about phone banking for Obama in Texas.

Here is information about an endorsement for Obama from Texas State Rep. Rafael Anchia  

I’ve had had some search engine traffic directed to this blog from people asking the question “Can Obama win Texas?”

Yes, Obama can win Texas if people work to make it happen.

Texas is a majority-minority state with many good liberals.

Who would have imagined that Obama would have made it this far against Mrs. Clinton?  

Here is a 2/18 article from The Nation about an Obama meeting with John Edwards. 

Here is a 2/18 article from the Dallas Morning News about the importance of the Dallas area in the race.

Here is the 2/16 endorsement of Obama from the Houston Chronicle.

This American Research Group poll from 2/15 has Mr. Obama in the lead in Texas.

Here is the 2/15 endorsement of Mr. Obama by the Service Workers International Union.  

This Dallas Morning News column from 2/13 suggest the race in Texas is a tossup. 

The NY Times article from 2/14 says Mr. Obama now leads in delegates and that Mrs. Clinton is running out of time

Polling data from 2/14 shows Mr. Obama with a good lead among Democrats nationally.

Here is a statement from State Rep. Ana Hernandez of Houston in favor of Senator Obama–“I am proud to endorse Sen. Obama for president. Barack Obama has an ability to excite a broad coalition of Americans, especially young people, around the cause of change”

Here is a 2/18 Galveston County meeting for Obama.

Some suggest that the ability of independents to vote in the Texas primary will help Mr. Obama.

This New York Times story from 2/11 reports Mrs. Clinton must win Texas and Ohio to stay in the race.

Here is the San Antonio Express-News endorsement of Senator Obama.

Here is the El Paso Times endorsement of Senator Obama

Here is the Austin American–Statesman endorsement of Obama

Here is a column by Frank Rich of the New York Times about Mrs. Clinton appearing to now shun black voters as they move towards Mr. Obama

Here is the Texas page of the Obama ’08 homepage.

The great Texas political blog Panhandle Truth Squad reports that an Obama office will be opening in Amarillo

Now who would figure on a Barack Obama office in a place like Amarillo?

Please click here for my prediction that Obama will win it all in November.

Please click here a history of the Texas Presidential primary

Below is a picture of the skyline of El Paso.

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    Spanish Language Obama Video Goes Viral With Mainstream Audience

    LOS ANGELES, CA — A pro-Obama music video intended for Spanish-speaking voters in Texas has caught fire with a mainstream on-line audiences across America, racking up over 56,000 hits in less than three days, primarily from English speakers.

    “Si Se Puede Cambiar” (Yes We Can Change)

    “For too long we have been sleeping, but we have been afraid to dream.” So begins the Spanish language song “Si Se Puede Cambiar” (Yes We Can Change) by Andres Useche (30), an immigrant from Colombia living in Los Angeles. The song’s emotional arc expresses Useche’s despair over the failures of the Bush administration, and the feeling of empowerment and civic responsibility inspired by Senator Barack Obama’s candidacy.

    “The lyrics were thoughts that have been growing within me, and I’m sure, many others,” explained Useche, who is fluent in both English and Spanish. “Volunteering for this campaign focused my thoughts into words that came out in a matter of hours.”

    The video was produced by “United For Obama,” a team of Asian American and Latino volunteers who have organized road-trips, canvassing, and in-language phone calls (over 20,000 to Virginia from cities around the nation) on behalf of Sen. Obama. Shot in five different states, the video documents a wave of boots-on-the-ground volunteerism spurred by its producers, Eric Byler (36) and Annabel Park (39), both Asian American filmmaker/activists who work closely with Latinos on the immigration issue. A swish-pan dissolve links Useche’s Latino outreach in East Los Angeles with Park’s Korean American outreach in Northern Virginia. The video was also shot in Maryland, New York, and Nevada and features brief cameos by Asian American celebrities Kelly Hu (X-Men 2), Kal Penn (Harold and Kumar), and Ken Leung (The Sopranos).

    Comment by United For Obama | February 25, 2008

  2. Thank God there are Latinos with enough brains to realize that a vote for Hillary is the wrong choice! Those Latinos that don’t want to vote for someone because they are Black means that they endorse the very racism they seek to avoid. Neither Hillary nor Bill Clinton give a rat’s tail about ANY minorities unless they are very rich and contribute to their campaign. Even if you are Latino and don’t like Blacks, you don’t have to be as stupid as the Blacks who supported the Clintons only to find out they were abandoned after the election. Hillary will forget Latinos, Blacks, Hispanics, you name it, if she is elected. Come on people – she and Bill are from Arkansas – a state full of racist white folks. If you want to know exactly what kind of creepy people you’d be voting back into the White house if Hillary becomes the president, read this book: “No One Left to Lie To” by Christopher Hitchens.

    Comment by Iris | March 2, 2008

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