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Will “Latest News” On Texas Democratic Party Home Page Ever Be Updated Past January 3?

Will the so-called “Top Story” on the home page of the Texas Democratic Party ever be updated past January 3?

Will the “GOP Watch” ever be updated past December 19?

Will the “Features” section ever be updated past November 8?

All of these sections are under the broad heading of “Latest News” on the Texas Democratic Party home page on the web.

Yes—Some things are updated. There is an updated calender of events and a fund-raising pitch for Texas House of Represenatives candidates.

But what about the rest of the web page?

Below is a picture of a town crier.

“Hear ye, Hear ye”  

Since more modern technology is not fully working out for the TDP , maybe a town crier could be employed  to keep party faithful up to date.



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  1. As a Texas Democrat for over 30 years and a transplant from several other states where I also voted Democrat, I want to contact the Texas Super Delegates to express my opinion about how they should vote. It was relatively easy to find the names of the members and I can e-mails those in the House of Representatives. But how do I find the email addresses of the other 17 Super Delegates? Can anyone out there help?

    Comment by Mary E Allen | March 19, 2008

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