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Sunday Links & Thanks—Huffington Post Edition


Time for Saturday thanks & links.

This week the Saturday thanks & links are on running on Sunday.

This post is dated for Sunday because I had a broken modem. I had to drive many miles to the one AT & T warranty service center in this metropolitan area of millions of people. 

Do you guess A T & T is not fully enthused about replacing my modem and would rather I replace it at my own expense? No…Such a thing could not be true.

My modest blog was linked to by The Huffington Post. They linked to my history of the South Carolina primary. You’d think that a Huffington Post link would funnel in a lot of traffic. In most cases I’m sure it does.

In this case, it brought maybe five visitors. The blog was not mentioned by name and the link is in tiny print at the bottom of the post. Oh, well…I guess I’ll  have to wait a little longer to hit the big time.

My post on the damage the Clintons do was picked up by GoreHub.com. I think it’s an automated feed picker-upper, but it is done a little bit better than most of those things normally are.

If you want a one stop shop for all your Al Gore news, GoreHub seems to be the place.

My good friend skippy the bush kangarooo linked to my history of the California primary.

JMC 425 is a blog of Arizona State U. online media students at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. One of students linked to my South Carolina post. An A+ for that up-and-comer!

Professor Carol Schwalbe has these kids blog for credit.  Imagine getting something tangible for blogging! 

Here are three new additions to my blogroll—

Progressive Blog Digest does a great job supporting liberal and progressive bloggers. 

An informative blog with an attitude I like is The Largest Minority.

What An African Woman Thinksis a good blog about the trouble in Kenya.

Thanks to everybody who reads and links to this blog.

(Above is a view from a bridge I passed over this afternoon. The bridge links Seabrook, Texas to Kemah. I don’t know if it looks nice to you or not. You have the water and you also see the big chemical plants in the background to the left. The Texas coast is for the most part what you make of it. Though I think Galveston is a great place.)   

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  1. Re: the picture. I was born in Houston and have many fond memories of family trips to Galveston (on a 2 lane road from Houston)and also of boating trips on the bay from the Kemah Yacht Club, which sounds more impressive than it really was. My family moved away in 1964 and I have never been back.

    Comment by D White | February 4, 2008

  2. It’s not really the kind of place you come back to unless you live nearby or have some good reason. Some good points, especially Galveston, but not worth vacation days and the family vacation funds.

    Thanks for the comment.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | February 4, 2008

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