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A Reminder That Democrats Don’t Have 2008 Locked Up

In his Sunday column from January 27, Frank Rich of The New York Times talks about the risks for Democrats in nominating the Hillary and Bill team.

Here is the full column.

Here is an excerpt—

In a McCain vs. Billary race, the Democrats will sacrifice the most highly desired commodity by the entire electorate, change; the party will be mired in déjà 1990s all over again. Mrs. Clinton’s spiel about being “tested” by her “35 years of experience” won’t fly either. The moment she attempts it, Mr. McCain will run an ad about how he was being tested when those 35 years began, in 1973. It was that spring when he emerged from five-plus years of incarceration at the Hanoi Hilton while Billary was still bivouacked at Yale Law School. And can Mrs. Clinton presume to sell herself as best equipped to be commander in chief “on Day One” when opposing an actual commander and war hero? I don’t think so.

We can do better than Hillary Clinton.

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  1. we can do better than most of the elected officials that is fact. the house and senate are worthless and on leashes. to think somehow that obama is more prepared to take on big washington is naive, as much as i think obama is more pure in thought and intent i do not see him swimming with these sharks and being effective. the democrats need to sharpest nastiest person they have to beat mccain or mitt the morman or any of the other jesus freaks. there is no lock on the house or senate as well and they could flip with and we could end up with a all republican gov. again if we are not as ruthless and sharky as the republicans.

    Comment by bill brady | February 2, 2008

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