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I’m Sending $30 To The TexBlog Pac

I’m sending $30 to the TexBlog Pac.

I’m sending the money by Morse Code. ( Drawing below is of the ship captain who screams at me in my dreams each night. What does it mean and why won’t he let me just send my messages?)

No–You can’t send money by Morse Code. I figured that out after a 75 minute conversation with Sprint. 

They put me on hold 4 times!

Why am I sending $30 to the TexBlog Pac?

It’s because of my close personal relationships with members of the TexBlog Pac board.

Oh no, hold on—I’m confused about that as well.

What the hell—If Sadat could go to Israel, a lowly blogger like myself can send those folks $30.   

I’m sending this money because I agree with the stated goal of the TexBlog Pac of winning control of the Texas House of Representatives, and my guess is the people involved are competent to put money into the correct races.

Though it would be nice to see a woman on the board of directors. That would be more fully inclusive and representative of Texas progressive and liberal voters.

(The two paragraphs above are straight lines for the information of more literal minded blog readers. )


I’m told by my sources that a woman board member is on the way! This had been in the works for sometime nowThe TexBlog Pac is ahead of the curve.   

Texas Democrats must gain six seats in 2008 to reach the goal of winning the House.

I’m also looking forward to the Texas Democratic Party running a brutally efficient targeted campaign to help win back the Texas House.

No…Wait…I’m confused again.  I guess I’ve not had any caffeine this morning.  Or is it the three Long Island Iced Teas I had for breakfast?   

Here is the link to the Texas Democratic Party. Check out the home page–You’ll see it features the “Latest News” all the way up to—and including— January 3.

I’ve updated my blog 30 times since that date.

Hey–I’m sure those folks are busy.   

The “GOP Watch” feature is updated through December 19.

Maybe Texas Republicans have not done anything bad since December 19.  

I’ll be dropping my Blog Pac donation in the mail today.

Below is a picture of my post office.

Yes, you’re right—That is indeed what a post office looks like in Senegal. I’ve been blogging from Senegal all this time.


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