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Thanks to everyone who linked to this blog or placed Texas Liberal on their blogrolls in the past week. Here is a list–

Panic In Year Zero is written by “the man who was never born.” He says he is the college professor who gave you a D last semester. Good—Grade inflation is a menace.

Stephen C. Rose has a very eclectic bio including some reporting from the Civil Rights Era. He’s also a published author. 

My good friend The Field Negro linked to my Martin Luther King Reading & Reference List. Thank you!  

Jen.Bor.3d.net/WP writes her blog to keep her sane at work at a call center.

After I mentioned her last week Nita at the first-rate A Wide Angle View Of India placed me on her blogroll. Thanks Nita! 

Blogging Elsewhere is a new shop from a thoughtful blogger.

I’d also like to extend greetings to my friend at Left Edge North in the Puget Sound area. 

Here is a link to the Green Party of the United States.  I’ve been agitated of late about how I vote for Democrats at the city level year after year, and yet the cities I have lived in , three so far, just seem to get worse and have problems nobody will address.  

I added Pambazuka News to my blogroll this week. It’s an overview of social justice issues in Africa.

Please don’t forget Brendan Halpin’s blog. You can check out the books he has written.

A post I thought came out well in this blog a few days ago was Who In Our Lives Merits Loyalty? 

Coming up on the blog this week, among other things, will be a report from a 2008 Houston Martin Luther King Day parade, a post about the newly discovered self-destructing palm tree, and some thoughts on Claire Messud’s The Emperor’s Children and Niall Ferguson’s The War Of The World.

Please have a great week ahead.

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