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Painting From Brazil

The painting above is from Brazil. I found it online. It’s copyright okay. But I could not figure out the title or the artist.

Give it your own title.

Though please don’t claim to be the artist unless you really are.

Coming up on Texas Liberal this week will be a history of the South Carolina primary and a Martin Luther King reading list.

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Pictures Of Three Finger Brown’s Pitching Hand

Three Finger Brown was a major league baseball pitcher between 1903 and 1916. 

He is know even by some who do not care about baseball because his nickname was “three finger.”

The picture above suggests the origin of the name.

His given name was Mordecai Peter Centennial Brown.

Mr. Brown lived from 1876 until 1948.

He mangled his hand in a corn chopper as a child.

That was his lucky break.

The injured hand helped him pitch in a way that was hard for batters to hit.

Mr. Brown is a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. While not all members of the Hall of Fame truly merit inclusion, Mr. Brown did in fact earn his spot.

Here is a brief profile of Mr. Brown from Baseball Library. com 

Here is his full record as a pitcher from Baseball-Reference. com.

Mr. Brown pitched most of his career for the Chicago Cubs.

My candidate for President, Barack Obama, is from Chicago.

Please click here for Mr. Obama’s web page. 

Below is a picture of Mr. Brown in his prime. 

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