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Many Thanks And Links To Some Great Blogs


I’d like to thank some fellow bloggers who have recently linked to me or added me to their blogrolls.

Pho’s Akron Pages is written by a self-described “militant pragmatist.” We’ll forgive him for that since he is a fellow Ohioan and because his blog provides readers with a full roundup of the politics of Akron and environs.

The Bayou  is a well-done blog run by the Beaumont Enterprise newspaper. It was nice to be mentioned by those folks.  

skippy the bush kangaroo added me to his blogroll and then soon after linked to a post I had written. skippy is friendly.

Plucky Punk’s Happy Land is out of Albuquerque. This blogger wants to know when Kenya and Sudan will be discussed in our Presidential campaign.

Blue Mass Group did not exactly link to me, but someone making a comment on the blog did add a link. I’ll take it. I was born in Massachusetts and it’s good to be noted back in New England.

My comrade Errington Thompson was nice enough to note my contributions to his blog, Where’s The Outrage?, which operates out of Asheville, North Carolina. WTO? is going strong in the new year.  

The Brazosport News is often quite clever and covers a part of the world I would have never imagined I would come to know when growing up in New England.

Also, I can be found as one of five featured political bloggers on the Houston Chronicle readers blogger page

A blog I’d like to link to is A Wide Angle View Of India. Check it out and you can learn about something about India.

They’ve got a billion people in India!

Thanks to everyone who links to and who reads Texas Liberal.

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