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After Years Of Voting For Democrats, Institutionalized Regressive Taxes Remain For Providence, Rhode Island Schools

In a recent column in the excellent liberal magazine The American Prospect discussing the debate over slavery reparations, I read some disturbing information about the public school system in Providence, Rhode Island.

I lived in Providence as a kid from 1968 until 1980. I attended the public schools in Providence in those years.

From the column by Dana Goldstein

Three-quarters of children in the Providence schools live in poverty. Rhode Island ranks among the top three states dependent on municipal property taxes to fund education, a regressive system that disadvantages city schools…Providence–like many other cities across the nation—is geographically contiguous with affluent suburbs…”  

I’ll just make the point I’ve made a number of times in this blog. While Rhode Island has had a run of Republican governors in recent years, most voters in this state and in Providence vote for Democrats year after year. Rhode Island is one of the most Democratic states in the nation.

How long are black folks and city residents of all races going to vote for Democrats and see no improvement in the institutionalized conditions that help keep people poor and disempowered?  

(Here is a recent Texas Liberal post called The Institutionalized Way We Kill Black People about sub-standard operating conditions in many urban hospitals.)       

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