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If Egypt And Israel Could Find Peace, Obama Can Talk To Republicans

Barack Obama is a candidate of inclusion and he is willing to talk to some Republicans if he is elected President.

Good for him. Odds are that a Democrat elected President this year will have both a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate.

What he or she will not have is 60 votes in the Senate to get past filibusters.

It’s positive to talk to just about anybody. It does not hurt to talk.

I believe Senator Obama is an unwavering Democrat.

I believe he is as left-of-center as any recent Democratic nominee and in many respects more so.  

I believe inclusion is better than exclusion and that simply because you talk to somebody does not mean you agree with them or that you will give them what they want.

You don’t even have to like the people you’re talking with.

You can believe in parties and in ideology and still talk to the other side.   

Look at the photo above. If Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin could talk after terrible armed conflict, what is wrong with Senator Obama saying he will talk to Republicans?

What can it hurt?    

It was fundamentalists who killed President Sadat because he talked with Israel and made peace.

There are fundamentalists in all countries and they can be ideological as well as religious.

Or they can just be some, though not nearly all, bloggers, or Fox News, with a stake in keeping people angry all the time.

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  1. Great post. You may be interested in this too: http://www.americansforisrael.com/

    Comment by Josh | January 24, 2008

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