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Texas Liberal Prediction—Obama Will Win It All

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Barack Obama

I believe—or at least I very much hope—that Senator Obama can offer new hope for people and a better way of doing things.

I remain a committed liberal who believes in partisan differences between the parties as essential to democracy.

I hope Senator Obama will find the courage that he has not yet fully found, for honest discussions about the meaning of the new global economy for America and the tough solutions required to address climate change.

I’m not certain how many chances we have left for the American people to believe in something hopeful.

(Texas Liberal is leading the way in political history blogging in 2008)

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  1. Acropolis Review has some interesting info about Obama’s strenghts in the South. Will be interesting to see the final numbers for 2007 and for Texas.


    Comment by PPP | January 6, 2008

  2. if i hear anyone else say “change” and ” I will get republicans and democrats together” i am going to puke. they are all wrong to think they are going to sway the other side, both sides have strong differences on who should pay and how and for what. I think most americans are disgusted with the process and lack of result they have. all the people that voted for bush 7 and 3 years ago have pissed away the future for the next two generations and have so much blood on their hands. i would vote for the person who says “we need a revolution” the constitution needs to be amended to get all these lame asses out and get regular americans who want to work for the people that live and work and keep this country going.

    Comment by bill brady | January 7, 2008

  3. William—I understand the reasons for frustration. But the past is done and maybe a bit of hope would be of use now. There will always be time to give up on it all later.

    It can be difficult to place much faith in any elected official. But I’m willing to roll the dice on Obama because the problems are so great that I can’t give in to being mad.

    Thanks for the comment.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | January 7, 2008

  4. I know that “hope” sounds like a cop out but I fully agree with Neil that this is exactly what we need right now. I’m all for frank policy-talk and really addressing the issues. But I think there is a real need right now for the kind of leadership that brings people along, makes them feel included, gets them out of their bunkers, and helps us all heal. I know I sound like a new-agey, liberal in baggy, hemp clothes. I’m not, I promise. I don’t even like granola. It’s just that the Bush administration and the anti-immigrant, scare-mongering republicans have done a lot of damage in our country and in the world–dividing people, pushing them back against a wall, leaving everyone feeling threatened and isolated.

    We need someone who is willing to ask for more from us. I think Obama is the only candidate that offers this. I know we will all find something to disagree with him on when it actually gets down to the nitty-gritty. But I think there are times and places in the world when we have really needed a charismatic leader to help us move forward. This is one of those times and I believe Obama can be that leader.

    Comment by Kate Blumberg | January 8, 2008

  5. He could be saint patrick but what makes you think he can cut through the shit in washington. I think as long as the democrats take back the white house any one of these people will do a better kinder job than bush. I would like to think obama is sincere but i think they are all blowing smoke up americans asses.

    Comment by bill brady | January 9, 2008

  6. Hell obama never even used the bible he uses the koran.

    Comment by Rmeoses | January 30, 2008

  7. wow…you guys aren’t cinical or anything are you? With your attitudes EVERYTHING will stay the same.. You’re all so very sad…seems you must have lost heart and hope years ago. Very very sad!(and I’m sure you all have answers to probably most anything)

    Comment by annie | February 7, 2008

  8. Annie–I’m with you here. Though Bill in his heart wants to believe. I think he’ll come around as he is a good soul.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | February 8, 2008

  9. Hillary is the best candidate to solve problem of our nation becasue she is by born leader.

    Obama is motivating speaker and fails to explain policy because he said he has good staff so they will do for him. TX-make sure Hillary wins.

    Comment by Usha sharma | February 8, 2008

  10. Usha–Thanks for the comment. When all is said and done we are on the same side of the aisle.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | February 8, 2008

  11. “if i hear anyone else say “change” and ” I will get republicans and democrats together” i am going to fucking puke. they are all so full of shit to think they are going to sway the other side, both sides”

    Bill Brady you eat with that mouth?

    To the above comment:

    It’s no wonder anything gets done with an attitude like that. Simply, Obama has what it takes to galvanize people to at least sit down to make an effort towards a new world. A world, where there is respect, a world where there is no fear of being gunned down or blown up.
    A world that we can go about our business to enjoy our temporary stay.

    “Hillary is the best candidate to solve problem of our nation becasue she is by born leader”

    To your statement Usha sharma, interesting keystrokes, being a leader means making the write decision. She made the wrong decision. The US is in this mess b/c of our their decisions.

    With Obama at the helm, at least suggests he will be informed b/f making it. Therefore making him a better leader.


    Comment by Michael Mitz | March 1, 2008

  12. No, Hillary is not a leader. She is a privileged cry baby that cannot accept losing. She is a divider; a divisive personality. What you interpret as leadership, is incessant blathering, and the absence of a mute button on speech. Clinton makes claims that she is more experienced and seasoned. What exactly has she done to improve the American quality of life in the twenty years in national political life? Not much. Healthcare has been her issue. It never has been implemented. Now, at this point in time, her grand plan is to make healthcare mandatory for all. Is this like mandatory car insurance? Do you make enough money as it is to take on another mandatory debt obligation? This will add to your monthly budget. If Clinton is such a qualified candidate, why is her presentation so focused on the other contending candidate? Clinton spends a lot of time railing against Obama and trying to tear him down. Does a strong candidate spend all her time talking about the other person’s negatives? I think if you were so competent, you would be able to make a case on your own achievements and strengths. She is not a leader. And, other mature people do not look at her as a leader. Here achievements and her claim as a leader and advocate of the masses is patently false. She has contrived designs to the White House for the better part of twenty years. She went from Arkansas to New York state. Please explain the connection. There are a lot of moneyed interests in New York and politically connected. She is a partner to the offshoring of American jobs and the demise of the American economy. All the independent women out there, learn the issues, read the issues, use some deductive reasoning, and come to the understanding that she is not fit to be president of this country. She will not be a good leader. Leaders in the Middle East will not respect her, and America will remain with the impression of being illegitimate. The truth hurts, but that is the story. Obama has run a cleaner campaign and more substance. People like him. He carries a message people can have hope for their future. He sees us all as one nation. I like the way he has campaigned. I will wait to cast the vote, because there are other good messages coming out from Obama, Nader, and Ron Paul. But, Clinton is a bought and paid for corporate Democrat. If you feel that your individual rights and liberties as a citizen have diminished, you can understand that Clinton has been part of the responsible establishment–a political insider. Do not be fooled. She is a backbiter and schemer. These are not the character traits you want to lead America. Think it through. It is plain as daylight.

    Comment by Cyrus | March 4, 2008


    Socialism has FAILED every time it has been tried. Hawaii just failed with it’s universal health care after only 7 months!

    I just got back from voting and NO WAY the majority of Texans are for Obama – in fact the discuss I had and heard were unanimous against Obama the socialist!

    Liberalism is a mental disorder – it also fails every time it’s tried. Liberalism is stupid.

    A vote for “change”? Yea, the change in your pockets is ALL you’ll have AND THAT will be redistributed to the lazy folks who have not if Obama gets elected!

    Comment by Blade | October 22, 2008

  14. You seem bitter.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | October 23, 2008

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