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Mean Immigrant-Bashing Sign In Office Of Harris County, Texas Republican Party


Above is a picture of Harris County, Texas Republican chair Jared Woodfill.

Houston is in Harris County.

Notice the sign under the cut-out of Ronald Reagan.

America is “ours” while Mexico, it seems, is “yours.”

Did signs like this exist when America was stealing parts of Mexico with armed force?

If so, they were ignored.

The Republican message seems to be that if you are Hispanic or an immigrant or have a basic spirit of human decency, that your vote is not wanted.

Based on the outcome of the 2006 elections, the public seems to be getting the message.

The photo was taken by the Houston Chronicle.   

Thank you to loyal American Carl Whitmarsh for circulating this picture.

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  1. Geez. How much grease does woodfill put on his hair?

    Maybe he needs the grease to be able to pull his head out of his ass.

    Comment by John Cobarruvias | January 2, 2008

  2. i think both sides(the left and right) want the best of both worlds cheap labor and no crime. they go hand and hand when the beggar is tired and desperate and is told they get only scraps eventually they will strike in hunger or humility. the immigration issue is the same as the trade deficit. we just dont have to live with the chinese that die making cheap shit for us dipped in lead paint. we get stories about sweat shops and kids and led paint etc… but we really dont see or want to see it so it continues.like porn its fine as long as its not my daughter or my sister or my mother, the illegal issue is joke, all the politicians with lined pockets saying they care about people care only for profits and that is how it is. they will all meet their gods soon enough and if such a god exist they will join me in hell.

    Comment by bill brady | January 2, 2008

  3. Cobarruvias they make him put that shit on his hair before they let him stick his head in their asses. he has no original thought or will. He is just told what to do and say. he is a ugly fucking man that is for sure.

    Comment by bill brady | January 2, 2008

  4. Neil,

    Did signs like this exist when America was stealing parts of Mexico with armed force?

    Shhhhh… It’s interesting to note how angry some get when this gets brought up.

    What is in the past is in the past and at this point the benefit of returning the “stolen” territories is not apparent if it’s even plausible.

    However, it does not hurt for Americans to remember (perhaps with a pinch of humility) the underhandedness with which their government took the aforementioned lands from México.

    Of course one can also go back and think about how the land belonged to no one until the Europeans came here, depends on how far we want to go really.

    Truth be told, had we (México) kept Cali and Texas, the Mexican government would have found a way to rob all the riches therein (provided that we would have found the gold and the oil) screwing the average citizen in the process and managing to do nothing with these territories.

    Comment by Laz | January 3, 2008

  5. I first noticed this issue about 3 years ago on Lou Dobbs on CNN. At the time, I tended to agree with Dobbs regarding the impact hiring illegal immigrants was having on our unions here in Southeast Texas. The big refineries here were giving their bids for construction projects to out-of-area construction companies hiring Mexicans, some of whom were illegal immigrants. The companies were using these projects to bust unions in the area.

    The immigrants were paying the price in this situation. They were working for lower wages without benefits which union members normally receive. The jobs they are asked to work on are dangerous and at peril of injury. It is questionable what happens when one of these lower-paid workers are injured. They have no medical insurance or benefits and, I believe, in most cases, the company which employs them just abandons them.

    As time has gone on, I began to notice that many people getting on board the trail Dobbs is fueling were very bigoted against immigrant workers and illegal border-crossers. They seem to want to deny illegal border-crossers even the most basic human rights, certainly they want to deny them any kind of relief in substandard situations being set up on American soil because they are “breaking the law” by crossing the border and not immigrating legally.

    The problem with this is our immigration allowances for work visas and legal limits on allowed immigration from Mexico are, as I understand, very low. It’s hard to find out what these limit numbers are, however, I’m trying to find out now.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Lou Dobbs is not really a champion of the American worker; he is actually a champion of American bigotry. I no longer support his program or the opinions he espouses. While he might be partially right on some workplace issues, he’s fueling a nasty undercurrent in this country.

    There are those in this country who say, “Throw ’em all out!!” as if we could extricate 10M illegal immigrants and throw them back over the Mexican border with ease.

    If you get on the Web, questions about the quotas set by the U.S. government for issuing legal status to foreign workers are hard to come by and you can’t find a human being who can answer such questions or who are willing, within the various agencies which deal with this influx.

    I do know this: telling 10-million illegal immigrants to return to Mexico and get in line and immigrate legally is simply not practical, from any point of view. Not only would ICE scream they don’t have the personnel to do this job, but the companies which depend on these workers would furiously battle such a situation. That’s how we got into this mess to start with. We winked at the companies, telling them, go ahead and employ them; we just won’t notice.

    Seeing a political statement like this photo provokes me to rail against people who refuse to consider any rational position to give these people an opportunity, but rather scream “no amnesty” without any clue as to what they are talking about.

    American companies are seducing illegal workers to risk their lives coming across the borders and this issue has become a hot-button political issue in the current election season.

    Laz, thank you and Whitmarsh for providing this photo — very timely.

    Comment by Judy in the Big Thicket of Texas | January 8, 2008

  6. Facts: Individuals crossing USA borders without permission, without proper and correct documents, are NOT immigrants. They are criminal trespassers. There is nothing wrong with classifying them as “illegals”. Newspaper, radio and TV reporters, and talk show hosts need to use accurate terms when airing information about these indivduals. If you do not believe this, try sneeking across other countries borders and see how you are titled, treated and imprisoned. The definition of “immigrant” is reserved for those who ask and are given passage to live within that country.

    Comment by Palmer Mull | September 14, 2008

  7. Thanks for the law update palmer but i think you can read between the lines at whats being said here. the hatred and violence against anyone that comes to the melting pit(not pot) that is america is not needed. we all came from somewhere unless you are palmer mull of two dogs fucking chances are you are not a native!

    Comment by bill brady | September 15, 2008

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