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New Year’s Day Links—Good Luck In The New Year From Texas Liberal


Happy New Year and good luck to you and yours in the New Year! 

I”ll start 2008 with some links.   

Globe of Blogs is a friendly site that makes it easy to look for blogs from all over the world.

The Next American City offers viewpoints on how to improve life in American cities. These folks also put out a great magazine.   

City Mayors discusses municipal politics from around the world. A ton of information about mayors and the cities they run. First-rate.

The American Cetacean Society is the best on-line source I am aware of to learn about marine mammals.

Here is a BBC article about the threat climate change poses to poor people in the world.  Many of us live quite well in America and people elsewhere pay the price.

Here is the blog Angry Black Bitch out of St. Louis. 

Bitch now surpasses Hell as the worst profanity I have written in the blog.

Sometimes you just have to let go of your inhibitions.  

Texas could use some more black political bloggers. If I’ve missed some currently blogging, I’d sure like to know.

Backyard Birder is an informative  Houston Chronicle reader blog run by committed liberal Birdwoman from Montgomery County, Texas.

The painting is called Market in Algiers by August Macke. It is from 1914

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