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Tip Time-And-A-Half On New Year’s Day As A Measure Of Fairness


It’s a simple idea—People working for you on a holiday merit the same time-and-a-half wages you would expect to be paid on a holiday.

If you eat out on New Year’s Day, or order a drink from a bartender, or take a ride in a taxi—Tip that person time-and-a-half.  That’s the going rate for work on a holiday.

The above photo is of a Chinese New Year’s celebration. Chinese New Year is on February 7 in 2008. It will be the Year of the Rat.

Tip well on that day also. Tip well on all days as a measure of respect for the work that others do and because you are also a working person.  

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  1. Get everyone to stay home on new years day and there will be no demand for others to work. my restaruant is closed on new years day. each year they tease with the idea of opening. There should be a few days out of the year where nothing is allowed to be open to make a real day off for the entire country. No demand no suplly needed.

    Comment by bill brady | December 31, 2007

  2. I would favor a return a return of Blue laws which mandated that many places be closed on Sundays. I don’t see how we live good lives at the pace now demanded for the sake of , in the end, private profit in the hands of an ever smaller number of people.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | December 31, 2007

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