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Gay Lifestyle Taking Over Galveston,Texas

The Houston Chronicle reports today that more gay people are moving to Galveston, Texas.


Galveston is 50 miles south of Houston and is on the sunny shores of the Gulf of Mexico.

From the article–

“With its laid-back lifestyle and low cost of living, Galveston promises to become the gay tourist mecca and residential center of the South, said activist-publisher Laura Villagran, who earlier this month opened the city’s first gay and lesbian visitor’s center….

Curtiss Brown, a longtime Galveston political observer who has lived on the island more than three decades, suggested that scrutinizing the island through a prism of gay life is “putting a magnifying glass on an elephant.”

“It’s more broad than that,” he said, arguing that the city’s history as an immigration port and its devastating 1900 hurricane contributed to a far-reaching tolerance. “We learned that we just couldn’t afford prejudice.”

Of course we know that when gays come, so does the gay lifestyle.

You’ll find these people shopping at the grocery store, taking the trash out, going to movies and taking their cars in for oil changes. Some may even borrow books from the library or take the dog out for a walk.

Gays do these things in full public view.

Will gays stop at nothing as they work to convert others to the homosexual lifestyle?

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The Sunfish Is An Amazing Sea Beast

The Sunfish is an amazing sea beast.

(Blogger’s Note 6/26/12–This post, which I made almost 5 years ago, still gets hits. Today a number of people came here looking for information on a world record sunfish. I was not able to find online what they looking for. The closest I saw was this report from Field & Stream about a new record freshwater sunfish from 2011.  While the freshwater sunfish is a different creature than the subject of this post, I’m certain that it is also a fish worthy of further consideration.) 

Here are some facts about the Sunfish from Oceansunfish.org.

The most common of the ocean sunfishes is the Mola mola. These fish, like all sunfishes, appear as if their bodies have been somehow truncated leaving them little more than a large head equipped with long sweeping fins atop and below. The body is less than twice as long as it is deep.

Mola mola have a rounded tail, gritty sandpapery skin covered with copious amounts of mucus. Typically silvery in color with a slight opalescent sheen, they can exhibit strikingly changeable spotty patterns. They presently hold the record for the world’s heaviest bony fish–a 3.1 meter (10 ft) long specimen weighed in at 2235 kg (4927 lbs).

Aren’t you glad your skin isn’t covered with mucus.

According to the map at the above mentioned website, Sunfish live near me in the Gulf of Mexico.

Sunfish live in oceans all over the world.

Here is an excellent article published in August of 2010 from New Scientist Magazine about Sunfish.

Here is a picture of a Sunfish that shows how big it is in relation to people. I’m sorry this Sunfish lives in a tank.

I’ve never seen a Sunfish in person. Someday I hope that I am lucky enough to do so.  

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