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Texas A & M Backs Up Talk With Service In Iraq


I’m not a big fan of the Texas A & M University in College Station, Texas. I find its culture to be both aggressive and insular.

However, it must also be noted that A & M students are backing up what they say with service in Iraq.

26 year old Jeremy Ray of Houston, a 2006 A & M graduate, was the 14th Aggie to die in the Iraq War. He was killed last week by a suicide bomber.

If 14 have been killed, than many more must be serving. And no doubt a number of those serving have been wounded.  

Regardless of whether I agree or not with the War in Iraq, with a volunteer army we need people who are willing to fight our wars. The next war, assuming it is not with Iran, may well be vital to our nation.

It’s clear that Texas A & M students are willing to be of service.  

( Below is the A & M campus in 1883)

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