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Odin’s Slaying Of Frost Giant Ymir Is Reminder That Days Will Now Be Getting Longer

The Nordic God Odin had a hand in killing the Frost Giant Ymir. The picture is of Odin riding his horse who was named Sleipnir. Both Odin and Sleipnir seem to be doing well in the picture.

Here is a Random House Dictionary defintion of Odin….”god of war, poetry, knowledge, and wisdom; Wotan: the chief god.”  

Here is Ymir—“…in Norse mythology, primeval giant and progenitor of a race of giants. Odin and his brothers slew Ymir; from his skull they fashioned the sky, from his flesh the earth, from his bones the mountains, and from his blood the sea.”

Here is more information on Odin.

Here is more information on Ymir.

Here is information on Sleipnir.

Here is information on Norse Mythology.

Killing a frost giant is also a reminder that with the Winter Solstice now behind us, the days will be getting longer. That is good news. Before you realize, it will be spring and summer.

Here is information about the winter solstice.

Below is a picture of ice and winter. Seen this way it is very nice. Still, spring and summer are best in my view.

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Shorter Posts & More Pictures For Holiday Blogging—I Am, In Essence, Serving As My Own Guest Blogger


Texas Liberal will be posting each day through the holidays. I have such regard for the blog reading public that I can’t let my shop go dark for even a few days.

However, I’ll be writing some shorter posts than normal and relying to a greater extent on pictures. I hope that you the blog reader will not take offense. I will resume more normal postings as 2008 begins.

For 2008, I plan a great deal of political history to help place the ongoing campaign in context. And, also, because it is interesting.

I’ll be writing about, as I did in the past year, books, personal relationships, some Houston and Texas politics and news to keep it at least a bit local, and, of course, about marine mammals and other sea creatures.

There will also be plenty of blogging here about Campaign 2008 and questions of political science and political philosophy.

A new goal for next year, as some political blogs across the country move into a type of adjunct or symbiotic relationship with the mainstream political parties, is to link more often to independent blogging voices in Texas, the U.S and around the world.

I think it is up to individual blog readers, more so even than the people who own and operate blogs, to define what the so-called “netroots” really are. But, as always, getting past the “mainstream” requires a bit of extra effort. I want to help with that effort.      

Thanks for reading Texas Liberal. Please have a nice and safe holiday.       

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