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Christmas Resistance Movement & Other Ideas For The Holiday

Above is the logo of the Christmas Resistance Movement. These folks feel you should not buy anything at Christmas. 

That might be severe for some.

Here is a list of alternative gifts you could make or purchase for a small price. 

Here is a link to Heifer International. These folks give people around the world animals to raise to address hunger and help work farms. This is a group you can donate to at any time of the year.   

There are meaningful gifts sold at retail stores that you can buy for people. I don’t go as far as these Christmas Resistance folks. I think the challenge is in finding quality gifts for the people you know, and also keeping in mind what may be the more pressing needs of people around the world who could use your help.    


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  1. How about a boycott on the war,sports,porn,political contributions,cable tv,cd’s,cars that get less than 35 miles to the gallon,cheap shit from china, salaries of the public servants, the war, the war, credit card companies, insurance companies,walmart, microsoft, drinking,smoking,fast food, there are a billion ways better to get a point across than boycotting xmas and i dont believe in god.

    Comment by bill brady | December 21, 2007

  2. Very good comment. Thank you. Though I do feel public servants often merit good wages. Cut those salaries and you’ll only make corporations more powerful than already.

    Punk rockers are Puritans by nature. Especially those of the 1980’s midwestern hardcore type. The commenter here and this blogger fall into this type to a good extent.

    Though Bill does very much regret my affinity for baseball. Yet, to the credit of his restraint, he has not so far, to my face at least, called me a dumb ass for giving hundreds of dollars a year to the Houston Astros.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | December 21, 2007

  3. Neil its your choice to give money to baseball,jesus,me, i am not knocking it, its just not for me. I dont think you are a dumbass for it as much as the idea that its more important than a school, a library, a recycling program like here in cincinnati makes me want to explode!

    Comment by bill brady | December 21, 2007

  4. We don’t have a city recycling program that I am aware of in Houston. Even though this is the fourth largest city in America. Though we are at least making big improvements to the downtown main library.

    Cincinnati has an excellent library.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | December 22, 2007

  5. El Paso began a recycling program for the first time about three months ago, and I thought it must be the last place in America to do so. I guess it’s just Texas.

    Yes, Cincinnati has a great library. I’m sorry it’s so far away.

    Cincinnati also has the best record store in America, I think.

    Comment by Jeff | December 22, 2007

  6. Jeff–I’d like to visit El Paso someday. It is so far from Houston.

    There are many things to which you could say—It’s just Texas.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | December 22, 2007

  7. A Festivus for the rest of us?

    Comment by Laz | December 22, 2007

  8. Please visit anytime; you’re always welcome here.

    Comment by Jeff | December 22, 2007

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