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Shark Eats Kangaroo—Also, Australia Elects Left-Leaning Government

A shark has eaten a swimming kangaroo off the coast of the southern Australia town of Torquay in the State of Victoria.

This area is part of “Victoria’s mighty Surfcoast.”

The kangaroo hopped into the ocean and was consumed.  

Here is information about kangaroos. 

Here is an excerpt from a story on the kangaroo attack—

“Mr Boucher said the marsupial, which seemed dazed, stood at the edge of the water for about 10 seconds and then started swimming out to sea.

“It was bobbing up and down,” Mr Boucher said.

He told the Geelong Advertiser that the unfortunate marsupial was about 200m (656ft) from shore when the shark struck.

He said the predator’s back was clearly visible above the choppy waves as it launched its attack.

“It wasn’t a huge shark and it was too far out to see clearly, but it was a shark. I couldn’t believe it.”

Here is a story from the Geelong Advertiser about international media response to the attack. This news was reported in India and Germany.

Also, Australia recently elected a Labor government led by new Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Mr. Rudd replaces the odious John Howard after over 11 long years.

Prime Minister Rudd promises to be part of the Kyoto climate treaty and to end Australian support of the War in Iraq.  

Mr. Rudd’s election was welcome news.  

The painting is called Watson and the Shark. It was painted in 1778 by John Singleton Copley.

Mr. Copley left New York City for England in 1774 and never came back. I don’t think he was so keen on the American Revolution. He mostly painted people of some social standing.

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  1. maybe if there were some fish left the shark would have not attacked the roo. over fished waters will eventually make the sharks look at us as food and no doubt attacks will increase. its random and strange a swimming kangaroo and a shark. the shark was doing what it does best, kill.

    Comment by bill brady | December 15, 2007

  2. It is random and strange. And since it involves the ocean, it is good fodder for this blog.

    Overfishing is indeed a problem.

    Thanks for the comment.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | December 15, 2007

  3. And it’s a typical headline for an Australian newspaper. It’s a wild country. Just today at the mall I had to be on guard that one of the chicken-sized mother crows didn’t take a poke at my daughter in the stroller because we were passing near her nest. Seriously.

    Comment by thefantasyyears | December 15, 2007

  4. I’d like to see these giant crows. That might work for the blog as well. Giant sea-crows of some type would be really good.

    Thanks for your ongoing comments on this blog.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | December 15, 2007

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