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A Lack Of Democratic Legitmacy At Houston City Council

I was glad enough to see the runoff election victory this past Saturday of Jolanda Jones as a new at-large City Councilperson in Houston. I voted for Ms. Jones.  

And yet—Look at these final results for one of our five at-large Council spots in a city of over two million people.

At-large Pos. 5

Jolanda Jones

16,184 67.0%

Joe Trevino

7,989 33.0%

I find it difficult to view Ms. Jones as legitimately elected. Hardly anybody voted.

In the first round of voting on General Election Day last month, turnout was something near 10% in Houston.   

Are any on our City Council legitimately elected?

Beyond that, our local Democratic Party seems to have no interest in using the Democratic majority on Council to address pressing urban issues such as the deep and long-term poverty that should stand as the signature identity of Houston. 

Do Council Democrats press any meaningful agenda as a cohesive party unit on Council? Or are they free agents when all is said and done?

This type of circumstance exists in cities all over the country.

I look forward to leadership from Ms. Jones on questions of increasing political involvement and moving the Democratic Party towards relevance in the lives of its loyal poor and minority voters.        

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