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Politics, Like Life, Is A Search For Context Through A Process Of Communication & Reflection

Politics, like life itself, is a search for context.

Who are we? Where do we fit in? What, based on both the world-at-hand and on what we see as transcendent, do we believe? This is the context we are looking for. 

Context is connection. It is a process of communication with others and thinking and reflecting about others.

Thinking about others is something we do by ourselves. Yet it is still very much a part of the process of connection.

You can’t figure stuff out when other people are always around. Solitude can be a path to connection.   

Context is not the same as “relativism” in its pejorative use as a term of moral license.  An individual is fully capable of holding strong moral beliefs in a world that she or he may see as in constant flux.

Politics, like life, is a process of understanding the parts that make the whole.

In human affairs, these parts are products of the mind, such as conventionally held views, and, imagination that when applied, may expand the range in which we can act. 

Seeking, Communicating, Reflecting, Believing, Imagining, Acting—These are things we all do in politics and in life to help us find our place.  

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