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St. Nicholas, A Death Penalty Foe, Revived Boys Who Had Been Chopped To Bits By An Innkeeper


December 6 is the Feast Day for St. Nicholas. This is the same St. Nicholas who has become our Santa Claus.

St. Nicholas was the fourth-century Bishop of Myra. Myra was then in Greece. It is now in Turkey.  

Not much is known of the life of St. Nicholas. He is said to have been generous to children and to the poor. St. Nicholas is the patron saint of children. Here is a link to a list of Saints.

St. Nicholas is said to have been born into a prosperous home. His parents died when he was a young man and he was left an inheritance. Nicholas used this inheritance to help a poor man support three daughters who otherwise would have been sold into prostitution to support the family home.

It was this gift giving that is the connection between the St. Nicholas of old and the Santa of the modern day. In the spirit of the gifts for the three children, people in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands began to give each other gifts at Christmas. Santa Claus is, after a few mutations, St. Nicholas.    

Here is a link to the website of Adbusters. Adbusters suggests you should buy as little as you get away with at Christmas and offers often insightful critiques of consumer culture.

It is said Nicholas brought back to life two or three boys who had been cut-up and tossed in a brine-tub by an innkeeper. The innkeeper was going to sell the boys as pickled pork. It is not known how Nicholas performed this feat.

It is claimed God himself indicated to the people of Myra that Nicholas should be selected as Bishop. It is not clear what type of signal was sent.

Nicholas was renowned as a champion of the falsely accused. He saved the lives of three men who were going to be put to death based on a sentence that had been made on this basis of a bribe. That account is the basis of the picture above.

Many falsely accused people are put to death and placed in jail in the United States in the current day. Please click here to read about The Innocence Project. 

Nicholas is the patron saint of prisoners and prostitutes. All people merit concern.  Here is a list of the many groups that can claim Nicholas as patron saint.

I notice “consumers” are not on the list. Caveat emptor!  

St. Nicholas is said to have stopped a raging storm in Greece and in so doing saved the lives of many mariners. In Greece, he is the patron of sailors. Here is a link to a story about a United Nations treaty meant to protect the rights of the commerical sailors who help ship goods around the world.           

Santa is about more than gift giving.  I don’t think St. Nicholas would have lined up at Best Buy at 5 AM the morning after Thanksgiving to get a bargain on a laptop.

One source for this post was The Oxford Companion To The Year—An Exploration Of Calender Customs And Time-Reckoning. It’s a great book.

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  1. I have learned much from this post. I also wish to endorse people learning more about The Innocence Project. I have attended a meeting in Cincinnati re. the Ohio Innocence Project, was much impressed by the people involved and their dedication to the effort.

    Comment by Newton | December 5, 2007

  2. Do you know the percentage of people that have been freed by the Innocence project that had prior violent criminal convictions vs no criminal record at all?

    Comment by bill brady | December 5, 2007

  3. I don’t know though the issue would be guilt for the crime in question.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | December 6, 2007

  4. Neil,

    Excellent synopsis on St. Nicholas. I learned more than I ever had before.

    He is a great witness to the Christian faith. Helping the poor and standing up for the innocent. Not enough can be said of this saintly man’s courage, but many of us could do a lot more in imitating this humble soul.

    Comment by Tito | December 6, 2007

  5. Tito—Thank you for the comment. Though I don’t imagine I know more about the saints than you do.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | December 7, 2007

  6. The point i was getting at is how often is a never been arrested no prior recors person been arrested and falsely imprisoned? I am not saying its right that because you have past issues with the law that its right that you get blamed for a crime you did not commit. what i was getting at is you have two time felons three time felons eight time felon, assult, rape, theft whatever that get accused of a similar crime fit a similar profile and are arrested and jailed for the crime that they had commited several times in the past, so my point was innocent or innocent of one crime. i think you will find that a high percentage of the freed innocent project subjects are not the nice guy from down the street.

    Comment by bill brady | December 8, 2007

  7. Yes, they may or may not be nice people. But we are only charged with the specific crimes we are said to have committed.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | December 10, 2007

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