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Photo Of A Vast Open Expanse That Helps Define Texas—We Can Define Texas As We Wish

For some people Texas is wide prairies ( Of course, the tallgrass prairies of Texas are now mostly all gone.) and the vast lands of West Texas.  Maybe for some, Texas is defined by Big Bend National Park.

In my view, Texas is defined in good part by the Gulf Coast. Here is a picture of the Gulf of Mexico at Galveston. Take a look at all those ships in the picture. Most of those ships will enter the Houston Ship Channel.

We can define Texas, or any other place, as we wish. It’s up to you.

Many conventionally accepted definitions of Texas have little to do with the multiethnic, urban state Texas has become. This is one reason some are upset by the increasing number of Hispanics and other immigrants in Texas. 

I don’t know what Texas will be like in the future, but I do know that the traditional definitions of rugged individualism and cowboys and oil and all that stuff have not served the average person of Texas very well. Texas is often a poor and underdeveloped place.

It’s time for new ways to see and imagine Texas.   

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