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Chisholm Trail Info & Photo Of Chisholm Trail Room In Austin’s Driskill Hotel

Here is a photo of the Chisholm Trail room at the Driskill Hotel in Austin.  

You walk in to this meeting room and a big painting of the Chisholm Trail is on all four walls. 

The Chisholm Trail was used between 1867 and 1884 to get cattle out of Texas and up to access to transport and markets in Kansas.

It can also be known as the Chisum Trail.

Here is a history of the Chisholm Trail.

Here is information about Jesse Chisholm who, at the least, played a large part in establishing the trail.     

Here is a biography of former Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm of New York. Ms. Chisholm was the first black woman to serve in Congress.

Here is a link to the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center in Duncan, Oklahoma.

Here is a link to a story about the harm done to Native Americans in Oklahoma by white settlement. 

Here is a link to the Fort Worth Stockyards. This is a fun place to visit for both kids and adults.  After Galveston, Fort Worth has been my favorite Texas city to visit in my nine years in Texas.

Here is a brief biography of former House Speaker Jim Wright of Fort Worth.

And, since you are at a liberal blog, here is the link to the good liberal magazine The American Prospect.

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  1. No ‘e’ in Driskill, Neil. I expect you heard the tale that LBJ met Lady Bird at the soda fountain in the lobby for their first date?

    My younger brother lived in a Fort Worth suburb named White Settlement for many years.

    Comment by PDiddie | November 25, 2007

  2. Fixed. Thanks.

    Did not know the LBJ story.

    Does not surprise me we have a White Settlement. I hope today it is full of people of color.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | November 25, 2007

  3. Here is a link to the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center in Duncan, Oklahoma.

    no doubt a earmark on some bill that got passed for something unrelated.

    Comment by bill brady | November 26, 2007

  4. I hope it was an earmark because I like earmarks. The only thing I wish is that the people of Duncan and of all Oklahoma would better realize the positive role government plays in their lives.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | November 26, 2007

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