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Since I Like Everybody After A Few Drinks, I Tipped Bartender Well In Exchange For Miserly Whiskey Shot

Though a shot of whiskey I ordered last night here in Cincinnati was very miserly—scrooge-like really—, I tipped the bartender well. I felt doing so would be most consistent with the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Also, I pretty much like everybody after I’ve had a few drinks. I can’t sustain a negative thought for very long if I’m drinking. That is one of a number of reasons I drink only so often. 

At the least, a more open personality would cut into my reading time.   

I called my sister-in-law around 11:30 last night. Or was it midnight? I guess I could be accused of drunk dialing at that point. No problem though—for me at least— because that’s behavior I’ve been on the receiving end of and I approve of it fully.

If somebody wants to be friendly,  I’ll take it and be glad somebody thought of me. It’s always the right time to be friendly.

I told the sister-in-law not to tell the wife I was calling at that hour. I’ll see if she kept her mouth shut when I call the wife and the wife’s family in Chicago after I finish writing this post.

I hope everybody reading this has had a nice Thanksgiving.

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