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The People I Know Age At Intervals Of Months And Years


Yesterday, walking on Fourth Street in Downtown Cincinnati, I ran into to someone I had not seen in at least ten years. I once knew this person well. 

( The photo is of the 16 story Ingalls Building at the corner of Fourth Street and East Vine. It was built in 1903 and is the first reinforced concrete skyscraper in the world) 

Visiting Cincinnati once or twice a year, I see many of the people I know best at intervals of months or years.

These people see me in the same way.

The person I saw yesterday, as you might suspect, was somewhat older than when I saw him last. 

He was on his way to work and we talked for just a few minutes. For those few minutes, I could see him assessing me and how I have changed in the same way I was assessing him.

Seeing someone at 40 you had not seen since he was 30, if not younger, is a window into aging and mortality.  

Fourth Street is one of Cincinnati’s oldest streets. How many chance meetings and conversations-in-passing have taken place on Fourth Street? 

There is nothing special or unique about me and the relationships I have in life. The value of individuals does not come from being special or different in some way. It comes from the fact of existence itself— Nothing more or less than existence.

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