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William Jennings Bryan & Heraclitus: In Conflict or In Agreement As To The Nature Of The Individual?

In his Cross of Gold speech at the 1896 Democratic Convention, William Jennings Bryan said, ” The individual is but an atom. He is born. He acts . He dies….”

In seeming contrast, the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus said “Everything we do or think depends on participation in the divine account.” 

These assertions appear at odds. How can an atomistic individual be part of the collective cosmic whole?

What Bryan says next in Cross of Gold gives a clue. He says—“…But principles are eternal.” 

In Bryan’s conception of life, atomistic individuals find connection with the whole in asserting the underlying principles that give life a greater meaning and coherence.

Read now what Heraclitus said about the actions of individuals—“But although the account is common, most men live as though they had an understanding of their own”

People live as they are seperate from the whole, but really this is not the case. 

I agree with both Bryan and Heraclitus. I see no conflict.

The extent to which you agree or disagree with these men might provide a clue as to your outlook on a number of questions of politics and life. 

Please click here to read about William Jennings Bryan.

Please click here to read the Cross of Gold Speech.

Please click here to read about Heraclitus.

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