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I Called My Veteran Father To Remind Him Old People & Veterans Are Despised In This Society

I called my father today for Veterans Day. My father, now 77, was a medic in the Korean War. He also saw combat.

Dad was not home so I left a message. I told him our society despised old people and veterans because they are often not economically self-sufficient. 

Dad called back to say that he saw most people as “simply indifferent.”

I suggested that if what he was saying was true, that apathy was a bigger insult than dislike and as such, as I said, he is despised. Dad said that view might have some merit.  

Veterans Day has brought my father and I toghether.

Here is the Washington Post report that broke the story of poor care at Walter Reed.

Here is an Anderson Cooper report on homeless Iraq War veterans.

Here is a USA Today story reporting that one in four homeless people are veterans

Here is a link to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.

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  1. While there is some merit to your argument about vetrans and old people being despised, I think the current majority view aof veterans is quite the opposite. In fact, in a perverse way, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan has resulted in an increased level of honor and respect for veterans in my part of the world. I live in Maine, and I am a Vietnam veteran. In the last several years, there have been increased efforts and events locally to honor and thank all veterans for their service to the nation, despite any dissenting political views. More than ever, the general population seems to be making the distinction between service rendered to the nation by our military versus opposition to our current military entanglements. Of course, the real dislike for veterans emanates from our current civilian leadership in the White House. while our President is often seen in presentations on military bases, current budget initiatives continually try to limit and even reduce the funding necessary to take care of the horrific and life-changing injuries sustained by our young men and women in combat. The Bush Administration compounds its disresepct by being quite consistent over the past seven years in seeking to reduce funds allocated to veterans’ issues. A pretty sad legacy for a President who does not hesitate to appear before military audiences to shore up support for his ill-advised military interventions.

    Comment by Denis Fortier | November 13, 2007

  2. Thanks for this comment. I hope that a move towards greater respect and help for veterans is taking place as you suggest. My feeling is that such respect will truly be in evidence when the resources are provided to help take care of these folks when they are done serving.

    As for the President and his actions, we are in full agremment.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | November 13, 2007

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