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LBJ Library & Museum In Austin Should Charge Admission

I went to the Lyndon Banes Johnson Library And Museum in Austin last week.

The LBJ library is a good place and I’d recommend a visit to anybody. The staff was nice and you’ll learn a lot.

Still, my view was that the museum was not up to date in terms of interactive and modern exhibits and that much of what was on display looked like it had not been changed or updated in some time. My feelings were confirmed when I saw that the LBJ Library is the only presidential library not to charge admission.

I did see that some renovation was being done in front of the building and that the museum is running a new temporary exhibit about LBJ’s time as a Senator and as Senate Majority Leader. The Senate exhibit was in fact more interactive and modern than the rest of the museum.    

I did put $10 in the donation box and spend $26 at the gift shop. 

The LBJ library should charge an admission of a few dollars and modernize. That would make a good place even better. That, or the National Archives, the folks who run the library, should kick in some more money.

Or, since the building is on the campus of the University of Texas and UT must benefit from having the library, maybe UT could divert some money from the football team to help modernize the library. 

That would be an act consistent with the spirit of Lyndon Johnson.  

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