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410 Year Old Clam Dredged Up By Scientists In Icelandic Waters


 Ming the clam (Source: Bangor University)

A 410 year old clam was recently dredged up off the cost of Iceland. The clam was named Ming because the Ming Dynasty ruled China at the time the clam came into being. The photo above is of Ming.

The clam was dredged as part of research being done by Bangor University which is in Wales in Great Britain.

The clam’s age was measured by studying it’s shell.

This animal, now dead since it was dredged up, is viewed as the longest-lived animal ever discovered.

While ocean research is important, you do wonder what human beings will not disrupt. Can’t people leave anything alone?

A scientist at Bangor U. named Chris Richardson said that studying the clam would provide historic information about conditions in the ocean over Ming’s lifetime.   

The BBC article on Ming used the word “quahog” as another term for clam. This surprised me because quahog is a word most common to Rhode Island and Massachusetts. It was the Narragansett Indian word for clam.

Walt Whitman also used the word in Leaves of Grass.

Here is information about the life and biology of a clam.       

Here is a link to the history of the Nyatt Point Lighthouse in Rhode Island that mentions how quahogs were found on the roof of the lighthouse after a hurricane.

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I Bought This Art Because The Couple Is In Love, The Woman Is Self-Confident & It Involves The Ocean

Here are six reasons I bought the print pictured above at a Houston art festival last month. 

The print is called My Love Goes With You and it is by Hussein Saidi. Mr. Saidi is from Tanzania.

1. I bought it because the title is “My Love Goes With You.” This is a kind and hopeful title.

2. I bought it because the couple in the picture does not appear sad despite the fact they are parting. I feel they are confident in the relationship. They feel the relationship will be strong when the man returns from the boat voyage.   

3. I feel the woman’s faith in the relationship is a manifestation of her own self-confidence. She is an equal in the relationship. If, sadly, the man is a lout and runs off with someone he meeets on shore leave in a distant port, she will still be okay.

Society is better when women have self-confidence and do not feel they need a man in their lives     

4. I like that though it is raining and windy and the leaves have fallen off the trees, a hopeful climate still exists between the two people. By extension, we see that we can be happy and hopeful even when a separation is imminent and when it is somewhat gloomy outside.   

5. I find it interesting that the man getting on the boat has an umbrella. You don’t really think about sailors or fishermen holding an umbrella to protect themselves from the elements. I feel the boat he is serving on is run by a humane captain and that the profits from the journey will be shared fairly.

6. I like things that have to do with the ocean.    

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