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Yesterday’s Elections & The Prospect Of John Howard’s Defeat In Australia

A few observations for yesterday’s elections—

Please click here for the Houston Chronicle’s election roundup. )

I was glad to see passage of the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District levy in Harris County. That part of the county revolves around affordable housing for families and support of schools is very much needed.  

When the runoffs are completed, Democrats will sweep all five Houston at-large Council seats. I’m not certain how many of the 15 seats will be held by Democrats, but it will certainly be a majority.

The Chronicle should stop subscribing to the fiction that these people don’t have a party identification and provide readers with a party lineup on Council. The Harris County Democratic Party should celebrate the Democratic gain in picking up Michael Berry’s Council seat and the party should consider injecting open partisanship into 2009 city races.

The only bond issue voted down in Harris County was the one for a new jail. It’s hard the know the reason why and the margin was thin, but this rejection may serve as one more clue that Harris County will be voting Democratic in 2008.  

It was good to see the success of bond issues for a number of purposes in Harris County and in the statewide Texas issues. You can’t have needed services unless you are willing to spend some money.

In Cincinnati, Ohio, the new City Council is the old City Council with all nine incumbents returned. The Council of five Democrats, two Republicans and two third-party Charterites is a bit to the right of the city as a whole. Two, and maybe three, of the Democrats are fairly conservative. Also, again there will be just two blacks on the Council in what now must be a majority black city.

It was good to see a Democrat win the Kentucky governorship.

In Australia, interest rates have been raised just a few weeks before the upcoming late November election. Right-wing Prime Minister John Howard is on the ropes and this is not expected to help. Mr. Howard’s defeat and a Labor government in Canberra would be excellent.  

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  1. Cincy’s school levy did not pass and without it the district may have to cut more jobs:

    “With passage of the levy, we still have to cut a total of $20 million over the next three years,” says Jonathan Boyd.

    Boyd, treasurer for Cincinnati Public Schools, says the district already cut 1,100 teachers to balance the budget and that a failed levy could mean pink slips for 1,500 more employees as a $72 million deficit would have be be erased.

    Comment by geo | November 7, 2007

  2. Nor did the sales tax increase for a new jail pass in Hamilton County (where Cincinnati is). There is some community feeling that, if we could get early childhood education and the schools overall squared away, we might not need a new jail. We’d be producing productive citizens rather than people doing things that land them in jail. It’s too bad the school levy didn’t pass. The senior citizens’ levy did, which led one newspaper reader to ask why we don’t have enough sense to also take care of our children.

    Comment by Newton | November 7, 2007

  3. i was serving in a jury and voting, wow neil i am glad you were not trying to save me or i would be going to church, you have created a civic monster.

    Comment by bill brady | November 9, 2007

  4. Good citizenship is always the right course.

    It is not likely I will try to get or anybody else into a church.

    Thanks for all the comments here. We don’t need any more jails.As Newton says, we need to work to give young people and all people a chance as our society becomes more unfair each day.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | November 9, 2007

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