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When Democrats Back Regressive Sales Tax Increases, What Hope Do We Have For Fair Progressive Taxation?

Cities, counties and states are proposing regressive sales tax increases at the ballot box next week to fund various initiatives, close budget shortfalls and reduce property taxes.    

This according to a report in USA Today.

You’d think these proposals would come from Republicans. Sales taxes are regressive flat taxes where the poor, the wealthy and everybody in-between pays the same. This is in contrast to a progressive income tax.

Yet such proposals are on the ballot in Democratic-leaning Maryland, New Jersey and Cook County, Illinois. Chicago is in Cook County.

If this is proposed tax policy in places where Democrats are in control, what hope do we have for fair taxation?

The progressive income tax is at the heart of the income redistribution and funding of social programs that stand at the core of liberalism. If Democrats are not on board with this, who will be?

Raising sales taxes to fund property tax cuts is simply redistributing income upwards.

Please click here for an article relating the benefits of the income tax. 

Hopefully voters around the country will reject sales tax increases and demand a fair and progressive income tax to meet the needs of society.     

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  1. The sad fact is that many poor and working-class folks (who tend not to own property) do not vote. They are easy prey for the quick-fix of raising the sales tax. I live in N.J., where we have the highest property taxes in the country. The problem is always the same. The wealthiest in our state don’t pay their fair share. They pay high property taxes, but the public schools in the wealthy areas are among the best in the nation and the local town services are top of the line (and property taxes are tax fully deductible). In the end, those who pay “high” property taxes are actually getting a great return on their investment in terms of schools, services, safety and increased property values. Once again, the wealthiest gain at our expense.

    Comment by Mark Greenberg | November 2, 2007

  2. Thanks for your excellent comment. Nothing I can add to it.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | November 2, 2007

  3. the democrats are not democrats and there is a dire need for a third party that will address and represent the people that need the most. That is why I like Edwards for the moment. He seems to care about the poor and so do I.

    Comment by bill brady | November 6, 2007

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