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Mass Strandings Of Striped Dolphins Off Coast Of Iran

There have been mass strandings of Striped Dolphins off the coast of Iran. While we are familiar with such stories in the United States, this is apparently unusual in that part of the world.  

Over 150 Striped Dolphins (photo above) have beached themselves. In Iran this is being termed as dolphin “suicide.” Suggested reasons for these standings are that the dolphins are being tangled up in fishing nets, they are following a sick dominant male dolphin and possibly, disruptions caused by sonar used by US Naval vessels.

Here is a portion of an article from Agence France-Presse

“The mysterious “mass suicide” of 152 dolphins washed up on Iran’s coast over the past month has alarmed environmentalists, with the blame pointed at regional fishing practices, officials said on Monday.

In September, 79 striped dolphins were found washed up near Jask port in southern Iran, and last week another 73 were found dead in the same area.

Pictures of rows of the corpses have been widely featured in Iranian newspapers, which said the dolphins had “committed suicide” — behaviour the animals have occasionally exhibited in the wild.

“The suicide of dolphins on Jask’s coast continues,” Iran’s state run-newspaper wrote on Saturday. “Locals tried to put the animals back in the water but they refused to return.””

Here is information about the Striped Dolphin.   

Here is a good post on this dolphin stranding from a San Francisco based blog called Malaria, Bedbugs, Sea Lice and Sunsets. 

Here is information about the city of Jask in Iran. It looks like a nice place to visit. Most folks in Iran are decent people who want no trouble. This is how most people are all around the world.

Here is a history of Agence France-Presse.

Here are other posts on sea life from Texas Liberal.

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  1. Dear Sir / Maddam,
    I am Marine Fisheries Ecologist of Iran , and one of my research activities is about Marine Mammals, and have some papers,Presentaion in InternationalConferences, and project about these groups (for example with UN)
    Unfortunatly, before theses 2 main mass strandings of Dolphins in Iranian coast of Oman Sea and Hormouz Strait – Hormozgan province, nobody of Iranian scientists and Marine Organizations such as “Fisheries Research Org. – IFRO”, “Department of Environment – DoE”, “Fisheries Org.”, “Port and Shipping Org. – PSO” and Universities, never thinking about marine mammals deeply, . . . . but now, we can find many scientists and researchers in Iran about Dolphins and Whales,I think they never seen and touched marine mammals samples in field,(maybe in book or TV), and I call them: 1 night researchers !!!!
    Anyway, I hope we thinking about each rings of live web, not only eatable animals and economical fauna and flora,

    with best regards
    Fereidoon Owfi
    Ph.D, Marine Fisheries Ecologist

    Comment by Fereidoon Owfi | December 5, 2007

  2. I am doing a report on Striped Dolphins and I need to know where dolphins live mostly. can you tell me that? I already got pacific atlantic mediteranean indian.

    Comment by Angel | January 16, 2008

  3. thankyou very much! i am VERY into striped dolphins because they are so beautiful and i just love any kind of dolphin!

    Comment by Angel | January 16, 2008

  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lanternfish

    go here at sundown the laternfish rise to near surface levels of the ocean. wikipedia will help you.

    Comment by bill brady | January 17, 2008

  5. This article is very interesting. It is shocking to see that animals would do this kind of thing.

    Comment by stacy | January 28, 2008

  6. Stacy–Thanks for the comment and for reading the blog.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | January 28, 2008

  7. No mystery at all, active military sonar is maiming, torturing and killing marine mammals all over the world, a good analogy for this sort of “navigational blindness” would be having icepicks jammed through your eyeballs whilst simultaneously
    being exposed to 190+db blasts of audio. You can bet, it hurts. Then a slow death ensues as navigation and fish finding is completely impaired. Why do they always say mystery stranding? starving dolphin found mysteriously deaf etc…how dumb do they think we are

    Comment by Ron M | June 21, 2008

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