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I Do Not Believe That “What Goes Around Comes Around”


“What goes around comes around” may be true in a collective sense over the long haul. If we continue heating the Earth, we may all suffer the effects of global warming. (Though the global poor will suffer first and suffer more.)

But what goes around is most often not the case for people who do bad things in public life. As an example, longtime segregationist wrongdoer Strom Thurmond lived to be 100. He spent his 100th birthday as a United States Senator.

Bad people in public in public life only get what they deserve if the public makes sure that they do at the ballot box. That’s the only way. Larry Craig type scandals arrive only so often. (And Mr. Craig is still in the Senate.)    

It’s up to you to do the work of democracy.

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  1. life ain’t always fair. maybe things will equal out in the afterlife? Keep Hope Alive!

    Comment by geo | November 2, 2007

  2. Jesse J. does alway say Keep Hope Alive.

    We can be hopeful and aware of how things are at the same time.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | November 2, 2007

  3. the end will come at some point for him. that is the only thing we know for sure.

    Comment by bill brady | November 6, 2007

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