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Two 1000 Year Old Norwegian Poems About Spring


Here are two 1000 year old Norwegian poems about spring. They have an anonymous author. They are called Two Spring Charms.


Now it is late winter.

Years ago,

I walked through a spring wind

Bending green wheat

In a field near Trondhjem.


Black snow,

Like a strange sea creature,

Draws back into itself,

Restoring grass to Earth.   

The picture is of the Trondhjem Bridge.  It seems a more modern spelling is Trondheim. Here is a link to information about that maritime city. It sure looks nice. Here are some facts about Norway.

Here is a link to a blogger who used to live in Texas but now lives in Norway. The blog is called Tales of a Texpatriate.

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  1. pretty words and picture

    Comment by geo | November 1, 2007

  2. VeRy GrArEfUlL aNd BeAuTiFuL aNd So Is ThE bRiDgE!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by brittnee | April 3, 2008

  3. Thanks for both nice comments.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | April 3, 2008

  4. Two very lovely poems indeed. I am currently learning Norwegian, and was wondering if you had the poems in their original language? If so, could you post them? Thank you:):)

    Comment by Serafima | October 29, 2010

  5. No. Sorry. I don’t have any original version. But thanks for your comment. Please visit the blog again.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | October 29, 2010

  6. Nice poems. Tanx for sharing them. I write poems too, and i wish to reach the Norwegian literary circle. How best can one do this? Tanx. Austyn

    Comment by Austyn Njoku | November 13, 2010

  7. Lovely poems. Thanks for sharing :]

    Comment by teddiesaurus | September 14, 2012

  8. Teddiesaurus– Thank you. This post keeps going nealry five years I made it. Like one of those space probes that keeps sending back signals for years and years.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | September 15, 2012

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