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As Liberal As I Am, If Hillary Clinton Is The 2008 Democratic Nominee I Will Give Her My Strong Support


If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee for President in 2008, she’ll have my strong support.

I say this though Mrs. Clinton is not my first choice for 2008. I support John Edwards because of his focus on economic issues as they impact the middle class and the poor. I’m also interested in the candidacy of Barack Obama.

In my view, Mrs. Clinton’s soft center-left focus and the Clinton legacy of moving the Democratic Party to the middle are not great recommendations for her White House bid.

So why will I support Mrs. Clinton if she wins the nomination?

It is because our problems today are so great that we must give a Democratic President serving with, hopefully, a Democratic Congress, a chance to find solutions to these challenges.     

In these times, I can’t sit on my hands because the Democratic nominee is not the person I wanted.  

In a normal campaign, the issues of the War in Iraq and how to get health insurance to all Americans would be dramatic enough concerns.  

Yet in 2008 , there are even greater problems before the American people. 

The issues of climate change and the effects of the global economy on how Americans will live are matters as pressing as the dilemmas that faced America between the Stock Crash of 1929 and the end of World War II. 

To this point, neither party has taken leadership on these questions. 

I don’t know that either party knows how to respond. There must be policy analysts and thinkers within the political structure who see the perils we face. I don’t think they have any answers. Or at least I don’t think they have any answers they believe the American people will accept before things get even worse.

Many Americans saw the Civil War coming years before it occurred. Nobody had a solution. Or least nobody had a solution that could pass political muster.

I’m not going to pretend I’m overly hopeful that Mrs. Clinton and a Democratic Congress will strongly take on climate change and the impact of the global economy.

Still, I feel we must give out traditional political structure a chance to work before reaching the point of saying our system is as broken and hopeless today as it was in the final years leading up to the Civil War.        

Since I’m certain Mrs. Clinton reads Texas Liberal each day as she reviews the blogs, I’ve run a picture of the great Eleanor Roosevelt with this post. I feel this picture will inspire Mrs. Clinton to confront the toughest issues with candor and courage.         

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  1. I understand how you feel. I am supporting John Edwards. But I feel that I cannot NOT Vote my conscience. I understand partisan politics and that with a strong Democrat in office, improvements will be made. I hope that Hillary is NOT the Democratic nominee. Because, Democratic gains or no, I can and will NOT vote for Hillary Clinton. She will NOT stop the war in Iraq and she will NOT bring constitutionality back to our government. She’s Lieberman lite and swayed too much by AIPAC and lobbyists of all stripes. We must throw some strong support behind Edwards to ensure that he IS The Democratic nominee. I believe that by supporting the election of Hillary if the right person (EDWARDS) is not nominated, may serve the Democratic party in the short term= but will not serve it in the long term. Bush has destroyed the Republican party, although it may not be widely accepted at this point. I feel that the long term damage that Hillary as President would do to progressive interests is not worth the short term gains.

    Comment by Fade | October 30, 2007

  2. Fade—I see your point though I’m not in full agreement. I do think she is a bit different than the Senator from Connecticut. He is closer to a Zell Miller at this point. I think Mrs. Clinton has the potential to take on the big issues. I feel Mrs. Clinton is a strong person in her way. Ieally that strength will go to helping people and not just serving her own purposes.

    Hopefully Mr. Edwards or Mr. Obama will be the nominee. In any case though, we need to get the Republicans out of the White House and give Democrats a chance to govern. And if Democrats can’t address our big problems I guess we take it from that point.

    Thank you for your comment and please visit the blog again.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | October 30, 2007

  3. Do not under estimate her, she is as sly as her husband and will most likely be the fisrt woman president. She has to play to the middle to get the votes but i think she will come through for the americans that need her the most. women and their right to choose as well as children who need all of us especially minority children that are more often than not presumed dead from birth. We all have a chance to change this countrys face but the lack of caring and the overall selfish mentality and the abuses that happen make us all jaded and unwilling to help or think that we can make a difference. I do like edwards overall better but he is unrealistic in thinking the country care about the poor. they dont.

    Comment by brady | October 30, 2007

  4. As much as I’d like to see a woman president, I don’t trust Hillary as far as I can throw her.

    Comment by retro | November 20, 2007

  5. Our only chance for a better America and better world is to elect Mrs. Hillary Clinton as the next President of the United States!! I pray for her every day, with her at the helm we will all be able to sleep better because we will know that our Continent Canada and the USA will be in good hands.

    And if it is not to be for the Democrats than the Vote should go to Senator McCain. Both he and Mrs. Clinton have so much experience in politics and in Life, those are the reliable experienced Politicians that we need, one way or another.

    May God bless them and keep them safe, that is my wish for them.


    Mrs. Fleur S. Wennekers
    Calgary, Alberta Canada.

    Comment by Fleur Wennekers, Calgary Alberta, Canada | January 9, 2008

  6. The Shameful Actions of The Obama Campaign Disenfranchised Over ½ Million Alabama Voters

    In a move that resembles the classic “business as usual” Washington, D.C. politics, Senator Obama Campaign disenfranchised over a half-million voters who voted in the Alabama Democrat Primary by throwing out the half-million ballots which selected fifty delegate candidates on Super Tuesday. At the state Democrat Party meeting this past Saturday, the Obama Camp selected all twelve delegates to the convention without a single vote being cased. People went to the polls in record numbers and cased their votes and expected their voices to be heard. The Obama Camp move ignored their voices.

    How can a candidate, who runs a campaign about empowering voters, take such an action, that disenfranchised so many, and contradict the central principal of his entire campaign? The Obama Camp talks about changing the way Washington dose business, but it is just business as usual for them. Their action just serves as evidence that the Camp Obama has played us all for fools. His campaign is a fake. He is just another Washington politician selling a pipe dream that his own campaign is not even living up too. This is shameful. Shame on the Obama Campaign. You should practice what you preach. In your own words, you should “say what you mean, and mean what you say.”


    Comment by WTE | March 2, 2008

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