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I Came Within Inches Of Hitting A Pedestrian With My Car Because I Was On Phone While Driving


Recently, I came within inches of hitting a pedestrian because I was talking on the cellphone while driving. I just did not see her. I had to swerve to avoid her and could not have missed her by more than a foot. 

It’s that simple. I’m near certain that if I’d not been on the phone, I would have seen her. I could have hurt her or killed her. I might well now be facing charges and a lawsuit. All for nothing.  

Like many people, I’ve taken up talking on the phone while driving to save time and to keep in touch with others with time that seemed like downtime. I’ve done this even though I knew it was the wrong course. 

I feel a bit dumb even admitting what happened. Yet I know plenty of people who talk and drive. This practice has become, despite the risk of an accident, a fact of modern life.

I’m done with talking on the phone while driving.  

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  1. I’ve never had the problem of not being able to drive and talk on my phone. A lot of people do though. I admit, the one I have problem is changing songs on my iPod and driving.

    Comment by John | October 24, 2007

  2. Maybe you should stop doing that in the car.

    Thank for your comment.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | October 24, 2007

  3. Props to you for admitting your mistake and correcting the behavior. More than most would do.

    We don’t drive much here in NYC. But we sure do almost get run over a lot.

    Hi, Neil.


    Comment by Mike Barron | October 24, 2007

  4. That must have been quite a jolt for both of you.

    I think you’re right. Even with an earpiece, I’m not sure it’s really safe to be talking and driving. Driving should have our full attn.

    Guess my old driver’s ed teacher made his points pretty thoroughly….

    Comment by boadicea | October 25, 2007

  5. You have convinced me. It’s going to stay out of reach so I’m not tempted. And I’ll tell those few people I’ve actually given my number to that I won’t be answering if I’m driving.

    Comment by Newton | October 26, 2007

  6. maybe the pedestrian was on his way to kill someone and you could have saved a life? I often wonder how there are not more pedestrian deaths in the clifton ave. U.C. area those kids walk out in front of cars all the time not always at the crosswalk

    Comment by brady | October 30, 2007

  7. You’re absolutely right about this but if you look at the picture you see the speed is 0mph while the motor is idle at 1000rpm.

    Comment by Jerry | February 1, 2010

  8. Well then—Nobody will get hurt by this car.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | February 4, 2010

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